Review - Brigands: Ruin of Thieves #1 (@ActionLabDanger)

"This is the burden we must carry. The burden of knowing the truth."

For as much glitz and glamour pirates are portrayed as exuding, there's a lot of danger on the high seas. Finding port at a safe island always makes things better, but sometimes islands like in Brigands: Ruin of Thieves #1 from Action Lab Danger Zone a safe island isn't always safe. The issue is written by Ram V. and illustrated by Sumit Kumar.

The Myros Comet passes overhead, setting the night ablaze, a spark to a tinderbox of political forces vying for its power. As the first flames of conflict begin to lick at their heels, our heroes, led by the infamous Stilian "Blackheart" Desault, find themselves on the smuggler's isle of Rekik. And, for all their efforts at keeping their heads low, trouble seems to have a knack of tightening the noose around their necks.

Ram V knows that a story like Brigands: Ruin of Thieves #1 needs to be steeped in fantasy and he pulls it off pretty well. That being said, there's certainly a lot to take in with the script, primarily because Ram V has to introduce a lot of characters and how they'll tie to one another. The issue is paced well enough to accomplish this task with Ram V moving the characters through the book at a comfortable pace. And all the characters involved certainly live up to the book's title, with each of them showcasing talents and attitudes that are befitting of individuals earning the "brigands" moniker. Ram V also knows that the end of the first issue needs a cliffhanger and he accomplishes just that.

Kumar's artwork is a great fit for the story. Each of the characters look unique enough to be distinguishable from one another, but Kumar still manages to give them a cohesive look that places them appropriately together in the same place and time. The panels are very linear and clean in arrangement as Kumar emphasizes long rectangles that draw the readers' eyes across the pages. The black gutters also add to the intrigue of the book by framing everything as seemingly taking place under the cover of night. The colors are predominantly dark throughout the issue which furthers the cloak and dagger atmosphere.

Brigands: Ruin of Thieves #1 is a well-paced first issue that returns to franchise with ease. The Myros Comet is clearly the center of everyone's endeavors and it will be interesting to see how the paths meet up there and along the way. Ram V's script is clean and easy, informing the reader without overwhelming them with information. Kumar's artwork is a good fit tonally for the story offering characters who are believable in being a part of the world. Brigands: Ruin of Thieves #1 is a good take on a pirate-fantasy genre.

Brigands: Ruin of Thieves #1 is available now.