Review - Barbarella/Dejah Thoris #1 (@DynamiteComics)

"Well. This certainly could be described as 'glimmering.'"

Space is rife with mysteries, some of which can be explained by science while others require a bit more of an investigative touch. In Barbarella/Dejah Thoris #1 from Dynamite Comics, both are involved to figure out a strange case of travel by portals. The issue is written by Leah Williams, illustrated by Germán García, colored by Addison Duke and lettered by Crank!.

From opposite ends of time, two heroines unite for an otherworldly adventure! Barbarella, the siren of space, meets Dejah Thoris, Princess of Barsoom, and together they must solve a murder mystery that spans time and space in order to find their way home.

Preparing characters for a crossover is sometimes a daunting task, but Williams handles it in a very organized fashion. The issue is essentially two acts: the first where Williams introduces the reader to Barbarella and the second where she both introduces the reader to Dejah Thoris as well as introducing Dejah Thoris and Barbarella to one another. The two characters are mirror images of one another in many ways; a fact that Williams plays with very well to give the story a more cohesive feel. Both Barbarella and Dejah Thoris are very inquisitive and intelligent individuals who move their lives with an emphasis on science and technology so their team-up makes a lot of sense. Williams also provides dialogue that manages to tap into their personalities and plays well off of one another in conversation.

Considering the caliber of characters involved there are numerous directions García could have taken with the artwork; he chose a unique style that feels cartoonish. García doesn't use drawings that are intricately detailed, opting instead for simpler linework that contrasts the two characters well without ovesexing them. Both characters sport their trademark outfits and seeing them next to one another is a great reminder of how disparate their two worlds really are. García lays out the panels very neatly for the most of the issue with the exception of Barbarella's story in the beginning which feels more like a crime scene investigation (which it is to an extent). The colors by Duke are phenomenal, effectively capturing the various environments and making Barsoom in particular feel desolate and intense.

Barbarella/Dejah Thoris #1 is a fun mash-up of the two characters. Barbarella and Dejah Thoris are more similar than they're different so their partnership makes sense and will be fun to read. Williams' script is entertaining, giving both characters plenty of introduction and engagement. García does a good job with the artwork in rendering the main characters, giving them a pop culture feel. Barbarella/Dejah Thoris #1 is one of the funner crossovers in recent memory.

Barbarella/Dejah Thoris #1 is available January 9.