Review - Hashtag: Danger #1 (@AhoyComicMags)

"Bio-tectonic? What's that? Scientology?"

The quest for knowledge is one fraught with danger and excitement. In Hashtag: Danger #1 from Ahoy Comics, the latter is evidenced by pretty relaxed characters. "Hashtag: Danger" is written by Tom Peyer and illustrated by Chris Giarrusso, "Snelson" is written by Paul Constant, illustrated by Fred Harper, colored by Lee Loughridge and lettered by Rob Steen, "Notes on the Successful Completion of a Homunculus" is written by Mark Russell and illustrated by Alan Robinson and "Chez Sirius" is written by Gunnar de Winter and illustrated by Charlie Sam.

Three scientific adventurers face strange creatures, lost civilizations, and supernatural threats... when they're not too busy being complete jerks to each other. PLUS! Follow the depressing misadventures of Snelson, an over-the-hill comedian who peaked in the 90s.

The first story that shares the name of the comic is definitely the linchpin of the entire issue, with Peyer filling the issue with plenty of ridiculous situations and rapid-fire dialogue. The crew of Hashtag: Danger are on a mission to discover a yeti and there are plenty of instances where that quest offers up a lot of amusing interactions amongst the characters. "Snelson" is a little more sobering as it follows the interaction between a once famous comedian and a random stranger, with Constant painting the exchange as something seemingly friendly at first before devolving into a business opportunity. "Notes on the Successful Completion of a Homunculus" and "Chez Sirius" are primarily text, but both offer stories that are keeping in the spirit of the anthology as a whole. Russell's take on a lab specimen becoming a hit with the lab is strangely endearing while de Winter's approach in the last story is an intergalactic approach to cooking.

Giarusso's illustrates the first story with an all-ages bent, rendering the characters somewhat goofily and in a way that matches their personalities. The story is rife with color as well, making the frigid habitat of the Yeti seem vivacious and lively despite the abundance of ice and snow. Harper illustrates "Snelson" with much more maturity, properly capturing the aging sentiment of the two characters at the center of the narrative. Loughridge's darker colors add to this tone very well, giving it a back-alley feel. Robinson gives "Notes on the Successful Completion of a Homunculus" just the right amount of oddness in his illustration of what's transpiring while Sam provides the right amount of culinary flair in "Chez Sirius."

Hashtag: Danger #1 is pretty saucy yet entertaining at the same time. There's clearly a reckless abandon being thrown at the issue that really works for it, giving it plenty of amusing exchanges and scenarios. The writers throughout the issue capture that humor effectively through their word choices and dialogue choices. The illustrations are lighthearted enough to feel welcoming to the reader and aptly fit the book's overall tone. Hashtag: Danger #1 is a lot of mindless fun that's offered as a compliment (not a detriment).

Hashtag: Danger #1 is available May 1.