Review - Nobody Is In Control #1 (@blackmaskstudio)

"I'm sitting out the partisan era. Drop me an email when it's over."

Finding one's way in an ever-changing world is certainly no easy task. Doing so in a world rife with conspiracy theories and characters such as the stranger in Nobody Is In Control #1 from Black Mask Studio makes it even tougher. The issue is written by Patrick Kindlon, illustrated by Paul Tucker and lettered by Wallace Ryan.

When Richard sees a man run through his yard, he follows him out of concern. This deep in the woods, he must be lost...must be in trouble. Bust soon it's Richard in peril, as this stranger drags him into a deep, twisted web of conspiracy going back hundreds of years.

There's a reckless abandon in Kindlon's script that affords the reader very little time to breathe--which is a good thing. Richard is a seemingly retired radio personality looking to live out his days on his sprawling property, but Kindlon throws a wrench in that plan with the introduction of a stranger. Kindlon blitzes the reader with tons of environmental observations that further embellish the setting and play well into the conspiratorial angle. There's a sense among someone tied up in conspiracies that even the littlest things have tremendous meaning and the way Kindlon ascribes seemingly false significance to things such as bird species is pretty clever. The issue's frenetic pace brings the characters and the readers to a situation that definitely feels out of their control, despite the fact that there is someone controlling things on the other side.

Tucker's artwork is takes a haphazard approach in how it keeps up with the fast-paced story. Richard is illustrated with an attention to his current state of life, dressed in a way that seems to call back to his former career. The setting of the issue is mostly in a forest and Tucker imbues said forest with plenty of trees that give the panels an almost claustrophobic feel with all the trees surrounding them. The panels are mostly arranged in standard grids, but the action has a way of spilling out past the borders on more than one occasion. Tucker's colors are largely earthy tones that again fit well within the atmosphere being created.

Nobody Is In Control #1 achieves what it sets out to do in crafting a world where things aren't what they seem and the concept of control is always in flux. Richard was previously living a life of "relaxation" after stepping down from his position, but trouble still seems to make its way to his doorstep. Kindlon's script is full of interesting dialogue that's rapid-fire and witty. Tucker's illustrations are a great fit for the almost erratic (in a good way) storyline. Nobody Is In Control #1 is a very engaging first issue that will keep the reader on their toes and curious to find out more.

Nobody Is In Control #1 is available now.