Review - Bettie Page: Unbound #1 (@DynamiteComics)

"First things first, though. Let me tell you how I ended up in this nightmare..."

Bettie Page has a history of being a pin-up girl, but lately that's changed. In Bettie Page: Unbound #1 from Dynamite Comics, her latest mission is a multiverse spanning adventure. The issue is written by David Avallone, illustrated by Julius Ohta, colored by Ellie Wright (color flats by Sheelagh D) and lettered by Taylor Esposito.

When you step through an inter-dimensional gate the results are unpredictable: sometimes you find yourself in a bikini made of coins with a sword in your hand! Reality is shattering, the gate has been opened for an invasion from the Great Old Ones...and only model spy can save the world!

Bettie Page as a character gets a completely new take courtesy of Avallone moving her through the Dynamite universe and it's a very enjoyable one. The concept of her essentially warging into other characters within that universe is very refreshing and Avallone actually manages to make it make sense. Avallone spends the first part of the issue establishing the stakes for the characters before sending Bettie Page on her first interdimensional jump and getting the main thrust of the story. The dialogue is very entertaining and does a great job of parlaying Bettie Page's general confidence into the new situations she finds herself in. And the issue's ending is very appropriate all things considered, as Avallone looks to be enjoying the opportunity to move her around within the Dynamite universe.

Ohta does a great job of adapting the era-specific look of Bettie Page into other characters seamlessly. Page is illustrated in a way that makes her easily recognizable, but Ohta doesn't let her physique and looks carry the story. The thicker lines define the characters and provide a newspaper-strip feel to it that throws the atmosphere back to another area. Ohta also populates the pages with inset and overlay panels that keep the action moving along at a decent clip. Wright's colors (and Sheelagh D's flats) are darker, so much so that it's the raven black of Bettie's hair becomes a defining trait much like the red of Red Sonja's hair.

Bettie Page: Unbound #1 is really fun. Bettie Page has been redefined as an international spy who authorities turn to for complicated assignments and her task here may be one of her most difficult yet. Avallone's script is pretty dense without being overbearing, presenting an exciting Bettie Page will to do what it takes to complete the mission. Ohta's artwork is a great fit for the story as it does a fantastic job of mashing up the character styles. Bettie Page: Unbound #1 is fast-paced and very entertaining.

Bettie Page: Unbound #1 is available now.