Review - Cookie and the Kid #1 (@cookieandthekid)


Odds are good there's a whole fantasy realm just beyond the reach of reality. In Cookie and the Kid #1, that realm is about to get a lot closer. The issue is written and illustrated by Alex Kosakowski.

Presenting the first issue of a delightful (and delicious) all-ages adventure! In a hidden faerie kingdom, Cookie, a young misfit elf, is facing big worries for a wee folk: He just wants to eat his favorite food-cookies from the human world-in peace, but other critters are stealing them, after HE stole them fair and square! And now this lost human child and her dog have stumbled into his life, sparking an unexpected journey for them both!

There's very much an innocent sensibility in Kosakowski's approach to the issue, primarily in how it relates to all the characters. Kosakowski knows what the story demands and leans right into it, creating a world that blends together modern day aesthetics with more of a fantasy realm. The issue's open follows a young girl chasing her dog through an airy meadow before shifting to some magical creatures (elves and sprites) having a discussion about the delicious taste of a chocolate chip cookie. Kosakowski deftly weaves together the two otherwise disparate worlds in a way that clearly indicates the two worlds are related without being overtly obvious about it. Kosakowski's dialogue is light in this regard; instead, the narrative relies on engendering a certain sentiment of serenity and playfulness throughout the issue.

Matching the relative simplicity of the plot is Kosakowski's illustrations which rely heavily on a penciled look to fill out the fantasy world. The characters are defined by black lines that fall somewhere between wispy and bold and Kosakowski has seemingly rooted their appearance in finding inspiration from animals. The panels are framed strongly, with each panel standing out as its own and separating it boldly from other panels. Kosakowski relies heavily on cross-hatching and shading throughout the issue because it's in black and white; one can't help but wonder if the issue would feel more approachable if it was in color. Nothing against the black and white approach as the book is still very much accessible, but infusing the issue with color would add to the fantasy aspects of the issue.

Cookie and the Kid #1 is a very entertaining, all-ages issue that clearly establishes the fantasy world it wants to play in. The intersection of reality and fantasy isn't a new one per se, but the characters here do it with a certain elan that's refreshing. Kosakowski's script is fairly minimal in terms of dialogue and substance, but the few words still manage to carry a lot of weight with them. Kosakowski does well with the art, although a full-color issue would make the book feel even more fantastical. Cookie and the Kid #1 is a lot of fun and definitely worth checking out if you're looking for an airy, enjoyable read.

Cookie and the Kid #1 is available now.