Review - Quantum and Woody 2020 #1 (@ValiantComics)

"more like LOSER heroes, amirite?!?"

Being superheroes in public is a thankless job at times. For the titular characters in Quantum and Woody 2020 #1 from Valiant Entertainment,it's also a smelly one. The issue is written by Christopher Hastings, illustrated by Ryan Browne, colored by Ruth Redmond and lettered by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou.

Quantum & Woody -- the worst superhero duo in the world -- are Earth's LAST hope against stopping a coalition of mad scientists from destroying the planet!

There's a lot of backstory in the characters of Quantum and Woody and--fortunately-Hastings doesn't saddle the reader with a ton of it in the relaunch. Instead, Hastings takes the approach of summing everything up on one page that makes the book extremely accessible to new readers unfamiliar with the dysfunctional duo. The issue finds them out of the good graces of society, although Hastings plots an issue that provides them ample opportunities to redeem themselves in the eyes of the public against and even more dysfunctional villainous family. There are moments where the issue veers dangerously close to The Tick territory in terms of its cheekiness, but Hastings manages to reign in a bit to keep the tone correct. There's an abundance of fast-talking dialogue throughout the issue that effectively characterizes all the characters in providing a tongue-in-cheek atmosphere.

Browne's illustrations are somewhat frenetic in their approach that works well for the zaniness of the characters and situations. Browne relies on heavier lines in rendering the characters throughout the issue, although the characters still manage to come across as stylized. The inset and overlay panels largely contain the burgeoning chaos the characters thrust themselves into as Browne doesn't stray too far outside the lines. Redmond's colors are bright and vivid to add another layer of visual intensity to the action occurring on page. The lettering by Otsmane-Elhaou even gets on the action as it embodies the personality of the book and further emboldens how ridiculous just about everything in it is.

Quantum and Woody 2020 #1 is a fun reboot of a familiar property that relies on being unexpected. All the familiar players are involved here, giving the book a sense of comforting familiarity that comes with knowing what to expect from certain characters. Hastings' script is a lot of fun in revisiting the dysfunctional duo who try to do good, but often end up doing bad. Browne's illustrations get in on the action in terms of the madcap madness. Quantum and Woody 2020 #1 is a lot of fun and worth a read if you're familiar with the property, but even if you're not there's enough information to keep new readers engaged.

Quantum and Woody 2020 #1 is available now.