Review - Unprofessional: Anything by Sanity #1

"Haven't you learned yet? No means...a bullet in ya!"

Finding work is never an easy task. In Unprofessional: Anything by Sanity #1, the job may end up killing you. The issue is written and illustrated by Josh Greathouse.

Unprofessional is the story of two mercenaries taking on a job to protect an aquatic Alien prince as he tries to save his species from being farmed out as a hallucinatory drug source. The mercenary job is a setup situation for the protagonists to be framed for the prince’s death and make sure he can’t speak on behalf of his species’ rights. Unable to survive outside of water, the prince and his species need to attach themselves to human hosts to breathe. When frightened, the aliens release a toxin that acts as a hallucinogenic drug to their host they are attached to--enjoyable to some, but a death sentence to our hero.

There's a certain playfulness in Greathouse's script that lends itself well to the characters involved. Victoria and Borka are a pair of mercenaries for hire whose latest job involves protecting alien royalty, but when that job goes slightly sideways Victoria is faced with learning more about the universe than she originally bargained for. Greathouse does have a relatively new idea in the issue, leveraging the buddy cop dynamic for Victoria and her new alien friend. Greathouse paces the issue well enough, setting up the characters and plot well without inundating the reader with details through telling them. The banter between the two main characters is light and does a good job of demonstrating a tried and true friendship between the two of them.

Greathouse also handles the artwork in the issue, relying on a style that feels somewhat futuristic in its approach. The contrast between Victoria and Borka is stark yet effective in that it convinces the reader that they duo complement one another well in their travels. Greathouse uses long, thin panels through most of the issue in a way that elongates the action and makes things feel slightly grander. The linework is simple and clean--a tactic that does well in helping the book flow visually. Greathouse's colors are sort of a muted bright palette which imbue the issue with a sense of mercenary without being overtly blood red.

Unprofessional: Anything by Sanity #1 is a pretty slick and lighthearted take on mercenaries and aliens. Victoria and Borka are comfortable with their station in life and can be a little picky about the jobs they take, but the latest job is proving more challenging than previously thought. Greathouse's script is pretty straightforward and informative. The artwork is equally as simple yet convincing in making the reader believe that space is a truly vast place. Unprofessional: Anything by Sanity #1 is a pretty fun first issue that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Unprofessional: Anything by Sanity #1 is available now.