Transformers Revenge of the Fallen: Bumblebee

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is seeing its release date move closer and closer. To get you prepped for the film and help you identify which characters are in the movie not named Optimus Prime, Brandon and Tedd will be bringing you Autobot and Decepticon profiles each week up to the film's release. Expect one Autobot and one Decepticon each week. And the good thing about these profiles is that they will be Baysplosion free. Name: Bumblebee Original Debut: Marvel comics Transformers #1 and original cartoon series in 1984. Transformed Vehicle: Originally transformed into a yellow Volkswagen Beetle. Now for the updated version of Transformers he is a yellow Chevrolet Camaro. General Description: Bumblebee is considered the “little brother” of the Autobots as he looks up to all of them; Optimus Prime especially. Because of this issue he is constantly striving to prove himself in the eyes of his fellow Autobots by putting himself in danger by taking excessive risks. He is one of the funnier Autobots but knows when it is time to be serious and he makes an excellent spy and courier because of his small frame. His adaptive body allows him to be more efficient then other Autobots and he does well on undersea missions. Although he does get an upgraded body and becomes Goldbug in the comics, for the new movie coming out he is still just Bumblebee. His small size does have its advantages, as he makes friends with humans better than the other Autobots because of his friendly nature and size. Also he can go places and do certain missions that larger Autobots can’t do. It's because of this nature and compassion to help that makes the other Autobots look up to Bumblebee for what he does. As in the TV shows and comics Bumblebee is the guardian of the young Witwicky boy (which in the earlier incarnations his name was Buster or Spike), however now it is for Sam that he continues his job as protector. Qoutes: "The least likely can be the most dangerous." Check out the other profiles from the Autobots and Decpticons featured in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. And be sure to check out the film in theaters and IMAX June 24. Arcee Demolishor Devastator Ironhide Jetfire Megatron Optimus Prime Ravage Sideswipe Scorponok Soundwave Starscream