Transformers Revenge of the Fallen: Ravage

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is seeing its release date move closer and closer. To get you prepped for the film and help you identify which characters are in the movie not named Optimus Prime, Brandon and Tedd will be bringing you Autobot and Decepticon profiles each week up to the film's release. Expect one Autobot and one Decepticon each week. And the good thing about these profiles is that they will be Baysplosion free. Original Debut: Transformers #1 (1984), Marvel Comics Alternate Mode: Ravage’s primary mode is in the form of a jaguar, instead of a robot. Ravage can move silently in this mode (possibly due to some kind of technological assistance), such that when he’s cloaked in shadows he is practically undetectable to the human (or autobot) eye. He also carries big fangs, claws, and a very bad attitude. Ravage has two launchable missles loaded onto both sides of his torso. His alternate mode is a cassette tape which can be loaded into Soundwave’s ‘deck’. This allows Ravage to detach from Soundwave, record information from a nearby point, and then return and download his experiences directly into Soundwave’s memory. Comparison: Since Soundwave’s alternate form in the upcoming Michael Bay film is still undecided, Ravage’s alternate form is open to debate as well. Still, there’s good reason to believe Ravage’s depiction will be close to his original one and will detach from Soundwave. General Character Description: Ravage is among a variety of Decepticons who resemble animal behavior more than walking, talking consciousness. Still, Ravage is capable of putting together complex battle strategies and often relies on stealth and subterfuge. He is debatably among the most deadly detachable units from Soundwave’s main form. Famous Quote: "RRRRRRRRR!" Check out the other profiles from the Autobots and Decpticons featured in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. And be sure to check out the film in theaters and IMAX June 24. Arcee Bumblebee Demolishor Devastator Ironhide Jetfire Megatron Optimus Prime Sideswipe Scorponok Soundwave Starscream