Transformers Revenge of the Fallen: Devastator

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is seeing its release date move closer and closer. To get you prepped for the film and help you identify which characters are in the movie not named Optimus Prime, Brandon and Tedd will be bringing you Autobot and Decepticon profiles each week up to the film's release. Expect one Autobot and one Decepticon each week. And the good thing about these profiles is that they will be Baysplosion free. Original Debut: Transformers (1985), Marvel Comics Well, this is the big one isn’t it? This is the toy set that every Transformer fanboy wishes they had growing up. More likely you just had one or two pieces, so you could only form Devastator’s left leg or something. But those lucky few got that massive gift pack from their parents for Christmas or whatever. Alternate Mode: Devastator’s alternate mode is the six Constructicons who make him up. Or maybe Devastator is an alternate mode of the six Constructicons who form him/ it- you can look at it either way, but it still kind of amounts to the same thing. The biggest gun in the Decepticon arsenal, and a veritable Transformer-frankenstein, Devastator towers over Autobots, can withstand inhuman (inTransformer?) punishment, and leaves ruin in his/its wake. A union of six minds, Devastator can only obey simple commands and think in a limited fashion. He/it will single-mindedly attack any target ordered without thought or hesitation. Devastator’s immense physical strength is the only weapon he/it needs. To be more specific, Devastator can only take an action if all six of his component members willingly choose the action in unison. This makes him/it slow, lumbering, and easy to confuse. Directing Devastator on the battlefield can be difficult- but then again, the Decepticons really only need to get it right once in order for the Constructicons to completely obliterate an entire slough of Autobots. The Constructicons that make up this form are as follows: Bonecrusher: A demolitions expert with an unnatural love for his work, this Decepticon turns into a bulldozer. Scavenger: Needy and opportunistic, Scavenger transforms into an Excavator. In robot mode, his shovel contains geological scanning equipment, allowing him to hunt down various minerals, materials, gasses, etc. Salvage is kind of his thing. Scrapper: The Constructicon leader and a genuinely brilliant engineer and designer. Scrapper has something of a mad genius/artistic temperament- while he’s perfectionistic and critical about his work, he is also prone to bragging about it to others. He transforms into a wheeled front-load shovel. Hook: Maybe the most disturbing of the team. Second-in-command and a perfectionist who makes the whole Constructicon lot look laid back by comparison, Hook is neurotic and snobbish. He transforms into a crane. Hook can lift up to 20 tons in alternate mode- but what’s really disquieting is his precision with his grapple. Hook may be the closest thing the Decepticons have to a combat medic, patching up comrades as well as bunkers. Captured Autobots, on the other hand, are going to be more prone to find Hook playing the role of “interrogator,” “torturer” or maybe even “doctor performing inhumane and unnecessary surgery just to try it.” Long Haul: An unhappy and disgruntled laborer who turns into a dump truck. Long Haul enjoys fighting and would be much happier wading into Autobots rather than shipping materials around. Mixmaster: (My personal favorite, actually) Turns into a concrete mixer truck. Unlike most mix trucks however, Mixmaster’s alternate form stores a variety of chemicals and substances that can be released into the mixer’s main chambers. Mixmaster is obsessive and has a love for creating new acidy substances to melt materials (and Autobots) down. He’s depraved- he even seems to make some of the other Constructicons nervous. Comparison: The verdict is still out on which Constructicons will form Devastator in the movie. Previews have shown his/its combined form to be a little more ape-like than the original incarnation- that is, its movement is less rigid and more fluid than the original depiction of the concept. General character description: The Constructicons are a particularly frightening ‘unit’ in the Decepticon army. Primarily, the Constructicons carry out the task of building (often from almost sheer scrap) any high-tech structures that the Decpticons need. Devastator is the ultimate inverse of this role- when the six combine into one form, they can easily level any Autobot structure in their way. Then they split up into separate forms, collect the scrap on the battlefield, and the whole thing starts over again. Quote: “Thinking and winning do not mix.” Check out the other profiles from the Autobots and Decpticons featured in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. And be sure to check out the film in theaters and IMAX June 24. Arcee Bumblebee Demolishor Ironhide Jetfire Megatron Optimus Prime Ravage Sideswipe Scorponok Soundwave Starscream