Thursday, October 31, 2013

Review - 1001 Nights: What's Yours is Mine #1

"It begins with a poor fisherman named Jianyu."

Being nice will get your through life. Being evil will make enemies of potential friends. A nice person encountering an evil person will likely have a difference of opinion on how to proceed in certain situations. Dealing with a sudden increase in wealth that some would consider priceless is such an encounter in 1001 Nights: What's Yours is Mine #1 from Big Bad Boo Productions.

The first issue is written by Victor Nicolle, illustrated by Johnny Castuciano, inked by Marta Ziemnicka and colored by Ziemnicka and Vivian Tan.

Aspen Comics Riding Wave to Comikaze 2013

Aspen Comics continues to celebrate their tenth anniversary, with the latest appearance being this weekend at Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo. The publisher will bring the party with them, including talent such as Frank Mastromauro, Peter Steigerwald, Vince Hernandez, Mark Roslan, J.T. Krul, Beth Sotelo, David Wohl and Josh Reed, all of whom will be appearing at the Aspen Comics Booth #708 throughout the weekend to meet with fans, sign autographs and offer free sketches.

The publisher will be offering numerous Stan Lee’s Comikaze exclusives including the world premiere launch of their final “10 for 10” series, All New Soulfire with an exclusive All New Soulfire #1 Comikaze 2013 cover by Aspen founder and series creator Michael Turner and Steigerwald, limited to 200 copies and only available at the Aspen Comics Booth #708. Aspen will be offering a new series of their art prints including the Aspen Comikaze 2013 print by Turner and Steigerwald limited to 50 signed and numbered editions. The publisher will also release two All New Soulfire prints by Turner, V. Ken Marion with Steigerwald limited to 50 and 75 signed and numbered editions respectively. A new Trish Out of Water print by J. Scott Campbell limited to 75 signed and numbered editions will be released in addition to an All New Fathom print by Eric “Ebas” Basaldua and Steigerwald limited to 75 signed and numbered editions.

“The Official Aspen Comics Panel” will take place on Saturday at 11AM in room 303AB and will include creators Frank Mastromaro, Peter Steigerwald, Vince Hernandez, Mark Roslan, J.T. Krul, David Wohl, Beth Sotelo, David Schwartz and Josh Reed as they reveal never-before-seen art for upcoming releases and open the floor to a special Q&A session with fans. Aspen will also be hosting a “How to Prepare Your Portfolio and Sample Reviews” panel on Saturday at 3:30PM in Room 308AB with creators Peter Steigerwald and Vince Hernandez.

Full press release below.

BOOM! Studios Announces Presence at Stan Lee's Comikaze

Stan Lee's Comikaze Logo

The first week of November is upon us, which brings with it yet another show that may be worth your attention. The show is Stan Lee's Comikaze Comic, Anime, Gaming, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror Expo, to be held Nov. 1-3, 2013 at the Los Angeles Convention Center (1201 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015). There will be a good mix of publishers at the booth, with BOOM! Studios being one of them. The publisher can be found at Booth #602 and will present two panels, feature several creator signings, and host sketch artists all weekend.

The publisher will bring along some panels and some talent. The talent includes Yehudi Mercado, Alyssa Milano, Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, Chris Northrop, Natasha Allegri, Mike Kunkel, Noelle Stevenson, Shane Houghton, Tyson Hesse, Caleb Monroe and F.J. DeSanto. In addition, a selection of comics, trade paperbacks, and hardcover graphic novels published by BOOM! Studios and its imprints, KaBOOM! Studios and Archaia Entertainment, will be available for sale at the booth all weekend.

Full press release below.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hank McCoy (Before the Fur)

I still can’t believe how enthralled with this next step in the X-Men film franchise I really am. I had given up some time ago and just settled into this idea that eventually, down the road, there’d be a reboot.

X-Men: First Class seemed carefully constructed in that way reboots often are: to not necessarily contradict anything you had seen in the original X-Men films. I dug it. I wasn’t totally satisfied with the way it sort of towed the line between a reboot and a prequel. But mostly I dug it.

I had always wondered just how well either of the Spider-man or X-Men film franchises were going to survive past a third film. Spider-man--while slated for six movies--didn’t quite get there continuously (you know Sam Raimi had the Sinister Six lined up for that final number too). X-Men: Last Stand, while not everything you may have wanted in a film, did do an admirable job of leaving the door open for more. But it seemed to me that that time had come and gone.

But the trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past? This TRAILER.

Review - Who Needs the Moon #2

"Just tickity boo as always."

How do you deal with three vampires in a car? Simple: become a werewolf. Ok, maybe it's not that simple, but there is a bitter rivalry between vampires and werewolves that--as a werewolf--you could tap into in your quest to rule the night. Ethan Ronald has quite a few werewolf tricks up his sleeve in Who Needs the Moon #2, written and illustrated by Todd McCullough.

Death of The Darkness is Here

Every good thing must come to an end, even what that "thing" is The Darkness. Jackie Estacado has thrived on the darkness, using its rage to fuel his abilities. Despite his unique skillset, Jackie will quickly realize that altering reality to stop his world rotting from the inside out brings with it a rather serious consequence. David Hine and Stjepan Sejic are putting an end to Jackie Estacado in The Darkness: The Death of Jackie Estacado, a 128-page graphic novel releasing this November.

When Jackie chose to alter reality by resurrecting a past love, he provided a pathway for an older, more horrible evil than the Darkness to enter the world. As long as Jackie lives, that evil will strengthen its hold on the world. In order for everyone to live, Jackie Estacado must die, and Witchblade-bearer Sara Pezzini, whose own life was irrevocably altered by Jackie's choice, is his executioner.

The Darkness: The Death of Jackie Estacado will be released on 12/11 at $9.99 for 128 pages and can be pre-ordered using Diamond Code SEP130525. Full press release below.

Regular Show: Skips Brings More of the Normal Action

Regular Show: Skips #1 Cover A

KaBOOM! Studios wants to give readers more of a good thing. That's why they've announced Regular Show: Skips, an all-new, all-ages limited series comic, written and illustrated by Mad Rupert. And it takes a rather interesting look at a rather unique character of the series in the mysterious yeti groundskeeper. And it's got a slew of covers, including one by Rupert, one by Kel McDonald, one by Mia Schwartz and one by Teresa Stone.

No one is more mysterious in the crazy world of Regular Show than Skips, the park’s enigmatic yeti groundskeeper who always seems to know what’s going on. Finally, we get to see the world from his point of view. Pops decides to take the team on a mini-vacation for all the good work they’ve done. Little does Skips know, this vacation is not going to be a restful one…

The first issue hits stores NOvember 6 under Diamond Order Code SEP131018. Full press release below.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Review - All Crime Comics Vol. 1

"Any dime-store novel will talk of their characters steelin' themselves in moments of merit or strife."

Criminals seem to have all the fun. They get loads of money, drive nice cars and end up being well-respected (feared?) by most of those around them. At the end of the day though, they're just normal people, dealing with people breaking promises to them, planning elaborate escape jobs and having friends lose favor with them. All Crime Comics #1 has all that and a bit more.

The first issue is called "The Hard Graft," written by the Art of Fiction and lettered by Tony Fleecs. The first and third chapters are illustrated by Ed Laroche (colored by Fleecs), while the second chapter is illustrated by Marc Sandroni (colored by Andrew Siegel).

To Seek Hidden Truth in Forbidden Realms...

Get your orders in for Black Science #1, the new Image title by Rick Remender and featuring art by Matteo Scalera and Dean White. It hits stores November 27, with the order cutoff of November 4. Two covers: Cover A by Andrew Robinson - SEP130471 and Cover B by Mattero Scalera - SEP130472.

Asylum Press Prepares for Fearless Dawn: Jurassic Jungle Boogie Nights #1

The night is always darkest before the dawn is how the saying goes. It's definitely a little brighter though when that dawn is fearless and more than capable of handling her own against anything thrown at her. Steve Mannion loves to write about such a dawn, preparing to release Fearless Dawn: Jurassic Jungle Boogie Nights #1 with Asylum Press.

“Steve Mannion’s Fearless Dawn has been working her way back into the spotlight this year," said Matt Demory. "If you have ever seen the TV show Venture Bros. on Adult Swim then you’ll feel right at home with Fearless Dawn. The book’s villains are just as quirky and over the top as the Monarch or Phantom Limb from Venture Bros. but the real focus is on our alluring fighter heroine. Mannion’s art has also been showcased in Detective Comics, Batman Black & White, and Captain America Sentinel of Liberty. In Fearless Dawn his stylish artwork lends Dawn her sex appeal and brings a lot of humor to the title.

Fearless Dawn is back and better than ever in a dinosaurrific tale of action and adventure. It's World War II and the Nazis are threatening world domination, prompting a new hero to rise to fight the Axis in Fearless Dawn. With her trusty Retro-Rocket and Sidekick Betty, there's poised to take on the evil Helga Von Krause, Fearless Dawn's arch-nemesis. Helga's cooking up a plot to invade with an army of genetically-modified dinosaur warriors that threaten to smash everything in the free world unless she is stopped.

The book hits stores in December. Full press release below.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Review - The Sunless Circus #1

"One day:"

Dick Grayson is one (if not the) most famous acrobats in the comic book universe. His origin as Robin as a job change was predicated by a rather tragic event, something that almost always seems to the case in these situations. Sometimes though, switching from one job to the other is a little less traumatic and just involves a little perseverance and hard work. A robot acrobat has such persistence in The Sunless Circus #1, written and illustrated by Chris Kawagiwa.

Preview - Ash and the Army of Darkness #1

Steve Niles is two of the names (together of course) that are synonymous with horror. Ash lives and breathes horror everyday in his world in Army of Darkness. Naturally, pairing the former with the latter only makes sense, with Dynamite Entertainment mixing in Dennis Calero and Ben Templesmith on Ash and the Army of Darkness #1.

The battle has been fought and won. Ash battled and defeated the Deadite image of himself and saved the world. Now all he wants to do is get home and have a normal life. Too bad he messed up the Book of the Dead incantation. New series. New start. Will Ash ever escape the land of the Deadites? Will he ever find his girl? Will he ever remember the last part of the incantation? Now an army of unbelievable horrors rules the land and only Ash can annoy them.

The book is in stores October 30 with interiors below.

Deadworld: War of the Dead Reanimates in December

A zombie's credo could be better late than never. As in, it's better to rise late than not rise at all, considering there has to be some reanimation in play in order for a zombie to be a zombie. It's a credo that IDW Entertainment also abides by, offering readers the chance to see some reanimation a few months after Halloween when the publisher releases Deadworld: War of the Dead in December. The work offers a look at the talents of Gary Reed and Sami Makkonen.

"I'm excited about this series," said Reed. "And the title of the series, Restoration, ties in with a number of different elements within the story. Yes, some things are restored but it's not going to be what most people think."
The lepers have been slaughtered, the people who escaped the breeder pits head for the safety of New Washington, and now the zombies are under the control of Donna, the half-human/half-zombie hybrid. With King Zombie dead, Donna is the leader of the zombies...or is she?

Reed is the one of the original writers of the Deadworld series and long time contributor as well as the co-created and writer of the Harvey Award nominee for Best New Series, Baker Street. Makkonen is of Eisner Award nominated series Hatter M fame and has won the prestigious Sarjis Award in Finland for Best Illustrator and is the artist for IDW's recently released Ryse: Son of Damocles digital interactive graphic novel. Deadworld: War of the Dead was the first Deadworld to be presented in color and won the Ghastly Award as Best Mini-Series of 2012 as well as received the same nominations from the Shel Dorf Awards and the Comic Monsters Awards.

Full press release below.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Defense With The BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is an ongoing story set in a world where zombies have taken over and people are fighting to survive anyway they can. Originally it was a post of news and tips to help survivors make it one more day alive, but now it has became a story of my fight to survive and to keep on living.)

Year 5. Week 10.

Down to four now. If things keep going like this we might end with zero still fighting. This horde has just stayed on us since we hauled out of that town as fast as we could. It was there on the road when one of the cars clipped something and spun out before flipping over. It spilled the two guys in there out and they were set upon instantly by the pack behind us. Ever since then we put as much distance between us and that horde we could. Up here in the mountains we don’t have many roads to get off on to try and lose them. We've stuck to 395, heading higher up the mountains and looking for any spot we can hide out to help them lose sight of us. We've even resorted to downing trees by any means possible just to impede their path in following us.

About a day or two ago (the time has been merging together and it’s hard to keep track) we saw a turnoff for a ski area called Mammoth Mountain. We headed up there hoping the terrain would aid us in addition to finding some more supplies to make up for the ones we lost. What we found up there was something none of us expected.

There's a survivor outpost operating up here.

Review - Atomic Sheep

"Welp" in real life conversation? Seriously?"

Remember high school? Chances are no, probably because you've blocked the experience from your memory as much as possible. The experience is just that though--an experience. And it always makes for a fun read in comic books such as Atomic Sheep from Markosia Entertainment. The graphic novel is written and illustrated by Sally Jane Thompson.

The Fifth Beatle Partners With Rolling Stone for International Debut

Rolling Stone Italy is celebrating its tenth anniversary in style by looking to The Beatles for the excitement. Not the group per se, but The Fifth Beatle and its arrival in Italy. The Dark Horse/Panini Comics collaboration will bring the book written by Vivek J. Tiwary and illustrated by Andrew C. Robinson and Kyle Baker the fine Italian people. It will first be available at the beginning of November--three weeks before it's released in other territories. A special Italian version of The Fifth Beatle will be sold bundled with the tenth anniversary special edition of Rolling Stone Italy – the Italian version of the most popular music magazine in the world.

“I’ve been researching The Fifth Beatle for more than two decades,” says Tiwary, “it’s a true labor of love! And since Italy is a country passionate about the Beatles, music and graphic novels, I'm simply honored that we are debuting The Fifth Beatle in partnership with Rolling Stone Italy. I could not be happier that our Italian fans will be the first in the world to read The Fifth Beatle and to learn the untold true story of the Beatles manager Brian Epstein. It's a story that I know will inspire them as much as it has inspired me.”

The Fifth Beatle follows the Liverpool quartet from obscurity to the release of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, the album that marked a watershed in the history of rock music and established The Beatles as true cultural icons. But The Fifth Beatle is above all the story of a visionary-- Brian Epstein, the man who, with his intuitions, led the Fab Four to unprecedented international stardom. A life of triumphs and tragedies, ambitions and fears – Epstein suffered to hide his homosexuality from the world – friendship and loneliness, until his premature death at the age of 32.

The graphic novel chronicles the early years of The Beatles seen through the eyes of the brilliant Brian Epstein, an entrepreneur, but above all a friend of the Fab Four. Tiwary will be a Panini Comics special guest at Lucca Comics and Games, an Italian event held in the heart of the Tuscan city from October 31st until November 3rd to present The Fifth Beatle to Italian readers and press and give fans an opportunity to meet the author. The Fifth Beatle will be available outside of Italy on November 19th in a hardcover, oversized library format for $19.99. In addition, both a collector’s edition and limited edition hardcover of this groundbreaking graphic novel will also be available, featuring a wraparound, textured cover and a section of bonus materials including Beatles and Brian Epstein memorabilia, artist sketches, and alternate covers, for $49.99 and $99.99.

“If anyone was the fifth Beatle, it was Brian,” said Paul McCartney in 1999.

Full press release below.

Steven Grant Brings Deceivers

2 Guns is too cool for BOOM! Studios. It's garnered generally positive reviews and features the talents of Steven Grant, talents he's now lending to another book for the publisher that partners him with Jose Holder in Deceivers. And it's not deceiving to say that Stephane Roux is doing a cover and an additional Grant signed incentive cover will also be available for retailers to order.

Everybody loves a good underdog story, and BOOM! is no exception. Lincoln McCord and Prince Adony Zaruka are two American con men living abroad in Europe, posing as an oil magnate and the descendant of long-lost royalty in order to live the high life by leeching off the European elite. But when an international thief begins wreaking havoc on their marks, the deceivers are enlisted by a rogue CIA agent to help entrap him.

Deceivers #1 will arrive in stores in late December and carries a retail price of $3.99 under Diamond order code OCT13 0993. Full press release below.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Review - Velvet #1

"This was when I realized just how dangerous Velvet Templeton actually was."

In a world of superhero books full of capes and tights, there are other books that are a little more grounded in reality. Many of those tales live and breathe the world of double-identities and spies, so it's always refreshing to see those themes make their way into comics. Image Comics has a book that handles those themes in Velvet #1. The book is written by Ed Brubaker, illustrated by Steve Epting, colored by Elizabeth Breitweiser and lettered by Chris Eliopoulos.

IDW Offers The Chilling Archives of Horror Giveaway

Fans of fright and Halloween may be interested to know that IDW has something to fuel your fears. Well, fuel your desire to be scared of things that go bump in the night. IDW is offering up the chance to win Yoe Books/IDW's complete Chilling Archives of Horror Comics which collect banned comics from the 1950s including Dick Briefer's Frankenstein, Bob Powell's Terror, Zombies, the brand new, Jack Cole's Deadly Horror and the soon to be released Haunted Horror hardback.

Fans can enter their name each place for five chances to win.

Follow each blog's individual instruction on how to enter your name in the contest. The contest ends on the stroke of midnight on October 29th. Full press release below.

Help CBLDF Stand Up to Censorship

In 2013, book censorship is on the rise. CBLDF is fighting back, but they can’t do it without you. The plea is simple: become a member today to help them continue paying for their library aid projects in 2014. From the attempted ban on Persepolis in the Chicago Public Schools last spring, to the current controversy over the removal of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere in New Mexico, CBLDF is at the frontlines of protecting the freedom to read. In the past year, we sent dozens of letters of support in defense of comics and books of all kinds. We also participated in behind-the-scenes actions to protect the freedom to read, make, and sell comics.

The goal of the CBLDF is to sign up 500 new or renewing members by October 31, when they'll have the money they need to continue their library aid projects in 2014. When you joing the CBLDF and the 2013 Be Counted member drive, you're enabling the group to stand up to censorship and help schools and libraries in your community by sending them copies of our education resources Raising A Reader or Manga: Introduction, Challenges, & Best Practices – two of their most recent tools for advancing literacy and fighting censorship. They’ll also thank you by sending outstanding premiums from one of their generous author supporters, who include Neil Gaiman, Tony Harris, Jennifer L. Holm, Jeff Smith, Raina Telgemeier and Brian K. Vaughan.

There are various price levels for membership, each of which offer differing rewards. All of them though ensure that the CBLDF can do what they do best. Full press release below.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Asylum Press Releasing Retrowood: All Roads Lead to Rome #1

Free is good. Scratch that--free is fantastic. When publishers release books for free, everyone's happy and everyone wins. Asylum Press is the latest on the publisher side of winning, offering up Mike Vosburg's Retrowood: All Roads Lead to Rome #1 for free on all digital platforms starting today.

“We’re excited to have Mike on board at Asylum,” says publisher Frank Forte, “Retrowood fits in with our growing list of titles. After H.I. or L.O. we have a number of Retrowood one shots coming out as well as a new 4 issue series that Mike is drawing right now.”

Private Investigator J. Parker Wrighte is hired by Monolith Studios to look into the suicide of one of their major stars, Pepper O'Dell. He discovers from talking to her co-star, Jack B. Nimbeau, that Pepper was not the sweet and innocent girl next she played on the screen. Parker also meets the seductive screen star Domino Mueller and drives with her to a clinic run by Dr. Rome. Features special pencil art and thumbnail gallery. Fans of crime and mystery fiction will love Retrowood: All Roads Lead To Rome.

Retrowood: All Roads Lead To Rome #1 (of 3) will be available for free on Comixology, ComicsPlus, Graphicly, My Digital Comics, DriveThruComics, AVE-Comics and can be found on on iPad, iPhone, Android devices, Mac and PC.

Full press release below.

Review - Vampirella Halloween Special 2013

"...girls just wanna have fun."

If anyone deserves a Halloween special, it's Vampirella. The storied character has seen her fair share of just about everything supernatural, all of which would likely be amplified on Halloween. Dynamite is happy to oblige in that regard, offering readers a brand new one-shot called Vampirella Halloween Special 2013. The special is written by Shannon Eric Denton, illustrated by Dietrich Smith, colored by Wes Hartman and lettered by Marshall Dillon.

Aspen Comics Heads to Texas for Alamo City Comic Con

In Texas is the Alamo...City Comic Con 2013. The show will bring with it lots of publishers, including Aspen Comics, who will be debuting several convention exclusive items along with several popular creators. Aspen’s Frank Mastromauro, Vince Hernandez, Mark Roslan, Brian Buccellato and Paolo Pantalena will be appearing at the Aspen Comics Booth #’s B6, B7 and B8 throughout the weekend. In addition to creator appearances, Aspen is debuting two convention exclusive comics at the show. All New Fathom #3 will feature a special Alamo City Comic Con cover by illustrator Siya Oum, limited to 200 copies. Aspen will also be offering an Executive Assistant: Assassins #16 ACCC 2013 cover by Pantalena and Chuck Pires, limited to 200 copies, a week early at the show.

The publisher will also be a featuring a new release of their industry-leading art prints including the all new Aspen Tour Print ACCC Anniversary Edition by Ale Garza and Peter Steigerwald, limited to 50 editions, a ACCC Soulfire print by Pantalena and Steigerwald limited to 50 editions, a ACCC Executive Assistant: Assassins print by Pantalena and Pires limited to 50 editions and an ACCC Fathom print by Siya Oum limited to 40 editions.

For more information on the Alamo City Comic Con please see Full press release below.

Batman: Arkham Origins Launch Trailer

Prepare to get your stealthy stalk on as Batman: Arkham Origins is seeing a release on October 25.

Action Lab Continues Digital Debuts Expansion

Action Lab Entertainment is not one for resting on their laurels. In fact, the publisher debuted two new titles and installments at NYCC just a few weeks ago via ComiXology. And now, the publisher is poised to debut even more titles released exclusively in digital formats.

“We are proud that Action Lab is on the cutting edge of digital comic book technology,” says Action Lab president Kevin Freeman. “These titles all lend themselves perfectly to the digital format, and the Guided View books are nothing short of spectacular. Our readers are going to absolutely love these books.”

Currently on tap for release is Molly Danger, Vamplets, Bo Plushy Gangsta, Itty Bitty Bunnies in Rainbow Pixie Candy Land, Zombie Tramp, Crimson Society and Scum of the Earth. All of these new titles will be in addition to their complete library of titles being offered via all major digital providers, including ComiXology, Comics Plus, Diamond Digital and And of course in addition to print titles in comic book retail outlets and bookstores via Diamond Distribution.

Danger Zone Publisher Jason Martin adds, “While Action Lab remains firmly committed to print comics, offering material digitally, and in new formats, gives us the opportunity to push the envelope even more with our content and offer even more exciting titles from rising global talent! I can tell you, as a creator also myself, Guided View is exactly the evolution of comics from printed page to digital screens that completely works and takes the medium to the next level, without being gimmicky or insulting to the language of the art form. We’re absolutely ecstatic to utilize these new digital formats to better showcase some of the eye-popping comics coming your way from our line!”

Full press release below.

Valiant Appearing at Comic Book City Con

North Carolina's Acme Comics is trying to give people a reason for going to North Carolina (considering their rather interesting choices in government decision making). They're hosting the first annual Comic Book City Con, a two-day convention taking place on Saturday, October 26th and Sunday, October 27th at the Empire Room in historic downtown Greensboro, NC. And Valiant Comics will be there.

"Comic Book City Con in downtown Greensboro NC is Acme Comics' 30th birthday party. Acme supported the groundbreaking debut of the original Valiant Comics and continues to support the brand in Greensboro to this day!" said Jermaine Exum, Manager of Acme Comics. "We are excited to have the new Valiant publishing on hand to meet the fans and win over new ones."

Stop by Booth #R19 all weekend long to shop a complete selection of Valiant comics, trade paperbacks and merchandise, including exclusive signed editions of X-O Manowar Deluxe Edition Book One hardcover collection – inscribed by creators Robert Venditti and Cary Nord and limited to 500 pieces. Also, join the Valiant crew at 10:30 AM on Saturday, October 26th for the MUST READ VALIANT panel presentation – featuring an in-depth discussion about what's coming next for the most acclaimed universe in comics with Hunter Gorinson, Director of Marketing, Communications & Digital Media, and Associate Editor Alejandro Arbona.

Full press release below.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Review - Samurai Jack #1

"Um yes - please stop yelling."

Samurai Jack aired as a cartoon in a different time. That time was almost a decade ago, but the thing is the story still holds up very well. IDW agrees and is launching Samurai Jack #1, the first issue in the triumphant return of the time-traveling samurai. The issue is written by Jim Zub, illustrated by Andy Suriano and lettered by Shawn Lee.

Preview - Vampirella Halloween Special #2013

Vampirella is about as synonymous with Halloween as is trick or treating. So it only makes sense that she gets a Halloween special, courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment in Vampirella Halloween Special #2013.

The issue features a story by Shannon Eric Denton, illustrations by Dietrich Smith and a cover by Joe Jusko. Vampirella once again joins forces with Dracula and Eva in order to confront a Doomsday Cult intent on releasing one of the Ancient Ones back upon the Earth. The trio, empowered from their previous successes, will confront these evil forces head on! These three warriors race from threat to threat in order to stop the apocalypse but will learn that even their immense power may not be enough. Whether they accept it or not, some battles cannot be won…

The issue is in stores October 23 with interiors below.

Ryan Ottley Varies Manifest Destiny #1 Cover

Manifest Destiny is a new series from Image Comics written by Chriss Dingess and illustrated by Matthew Roberts. And it's tapping Ryan Ottley of Invincible fame to do a variant cover. Everyone loves a great new series, especially one that comes with a quality variant cover by an artist such as Ottley.

Skybound’s newest original series follows Lewis Clark's historic expedition to explore America, only for them to uncover the monsters of the uncharted frontier. With a gripping story by Dingess and breakout art by Roberts and colorist Owen Genii, this series joins the ranks of genre boundary-pushing comics published by Robert Kirkman’s Image Comics imprint, Skybound.

Manifest Destiny #1 can be ordered with the Diamond Code: SEP130486 and the Ottley variant cover of Manifest Destiny #1 can be ordered with the Diamond Code: SEP138206. Full press release below.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Review - S.H.O.O.T. First #1

"I'm always disappointed these bloody things don't sound like Robin Williams."

When faced with a jinn, water is usually a good option. If you don't have water, fighting with special weapons and laser beams might be an acceptable substitute. S.H.O.O.T. First #1 from Dark Horse Comics is a book that blends rather heady religious thinking with weaponry, leading to a rather combustible mix.

The issue is written by Justin Aclin, illustrated by Nicolas Daniel Selma, colored by Marlac and lettered by Amanda Aguilar Selma.

'68: Hallowed Ground Print Sells in Memory of Josh Medors

Josh Medors was a great comic artist who lost a hard-fought battle with spinal cancer in 2012. His influential work made an impact throughout, especially with Image Comics. To that end, the publisher is offering a limited collector's edition print in memory of his passing in an 11"x17", double-sided glossy reproduction of the 68': Hallowed Ground one-shot cover by Medors. Even better is a matching back cover by Nat Jones and Jay Fotos. The print is available for purchase here and costs $40.00.

Printed at full production size, this print is limited to only 100 copies, and comes hand-numbered and signed in pencil by ‘68 series founders Mark Kidwell, Nat Jones, and Jay Fotos. It ships in a protective rigid Mylar sleeve and will be available worldwide. To honor their friend and colleague, the ‘68 creators are donating all proceeds from the sale of the print to Medors' wife Charlotte and son Garth.

'68: Hallowed Ground goes on-sale 11/6 and features the story of two soldiers freshly back from Vietnam and forced into a showdown against hordes of zombies while holed up in a church. '68: Hallowed Ground was one of the last projects Medors worked on before passing away. He provided a cover, layouts and thumbnails for the book, which were used to create the final one-shot. The issue ships with a cover by Medors (Diamond Code SEP130505) as well as a special cover by Bernie Wrightson (Diamond Code SEP130506).

Full press release below.

BOOM! Goes Big for Alamo City Comic Con and Detroit Fanfare Comic Con

Remember the Alamo. Especially on the weekend of October 25-27, which is when BOOM! Studios will be making an appearance all weekend. That same weekend, they'll also be holding court in Detroit at the Detroit Fanfare Comic Con. The Alamo City Comic Con 2013 will take place at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, located at 200 East Market Street, San Antonio, TX 78205. The hours on Friday, October 25th are from 11AM to 8PM, Saturday the 26th from 10AM to 7PM and Sunday the 27th from 11AM to 6PM. The Detroit Fanfare Comic Con 2013 will be held in the West Building at the Adoba Hotel Dearborn, located at 600 Town Center Drive, Dearborn, MI 48126. On Friday, October 25th the show will run from 6PM to 9PM, on Saturday the 26th from 10AM to 7PM and on Sunday the 27th from 12PM to 6PM.

At the Alamo, Ian McGinty and Travis Hill will be on hand. In Detroit, fans can meet Brian Joines, Jeff Stokely and Eric Esquivel. Dan Fogler will also be there, alongisde Allison Strejlau. Both appearances will bring with them the requisite convention exclusives, extras and autograph signings. A good time should be had by all.

Full press release below.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Defense With The BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is an ongoing story set in a world where zombies have taken over and people are fighting to survive anyway they can. Originally it was a post of news and tips to help survivors make it one more day alive, but now it has became a story of my fight to survive and to keep on living.)

Year 5. Week 9.

The fighting is fierce. It's felt--at times--nonstop for us.

We’ve been running and gunning for the past two days against an overwhelming, unrelenting pack of zombies. That horde we feared might be following us was indeed doing just that; except it was so large it hit us from two sides. Our spotters radioed us the situation, but things devolved so quickly none of us really knew what was heading our way.

We had about five days in the town with little trouble from zombies as we searched for supplies and scouted the place. It was the day before yesterday when our spotters saw the first line of the horde. They were so focused on the front coming in the direction we came from they didn’t see the other side moving in from the east on us. Those are the ones we ran into as we moved to meet up the two parties and the trouble arose.

Review - Metal Locus #1

"I don't like threats. RAWR!"

In the not too distant future, we're led to believe that there are some individuals out there who are very good at stealing things. Many times, those thefts involve some gunfights and high-speed chases, both of which make for livening up the story even more. Those characteristics and more are on full display in Metal Locus #1 from Frozen Beach Studios. The issue is written by Stephen Nilson, illustrated by Larry Watts, lettered by Charles Pritchett and colored by Romulo Fajardo, Jr.

Prisoner of the Mind Trailer

Prisoner of the Mind is a graphic novel by Allan Linder, sixteen years in the making. The story is a neo-noir thriller set in the near future. A government agent discovers a seventy year old secret, revealing a past that the agency will kill for. And it's got a trailer for your enjoyment.

Bob Fingerman Returns to Minimum Wage

Bob Fingerman needs no introduction. The man is a legend in the comic industry for his legendary and celebrated alternative cartoons. Thankfully for us fans, Fingerman is returning to his roots with Minimum Wage from Image Comics, based loosely on his own life. It follows on the heels of the definitive hardcover collection of the series in Maximum Minimum Wage that was released to much acclaim.

"Working on the massive MAXIMUM MINIMUM WAGE, just going through all that material, stoked my desire to return to these characters,” said Fingerman. "I'd deliberately given that chunk an open ending, thinking someday I'd come back and do more. Now seemed the perfect time and Image Comics seemed the perfect place."

Launching in January, 2014, Minimum Wage #1 will pick up the story of Rob three years later, where much has changed in his life. When we last saw him, he was exchanging vows with his girlfriend Sylvia. Now he's single, owns a cell phone, lives with his mother again, and is giving some thought to diving back into dating. What could go wrong It releases on January 8, 2014 and is available for pre-order now using Diamond Code NOV130413.

Full press release below.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

BOOM! Studios Adopts Protocol: Orphans

IMAGINE AGENTS Cover A by Khary Randolph

BOOM! Studios likes debuting original series, even if they're adapted from other works. So much so in fact that they've got one cued up for November called Protocol: Orphans, written by Michael Alan Nelson and illustrated by Mariano Navarro. Extra bonus is that it will ship with a main cover by Stephane Roux. The work takes a look at what it takes to transition into adulthood when you're tapped to be a deadly spy.

"I love a good espionage story," says BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon. "PROTOCOL: ORPHANS delivers; it's a smart, stylish, and fast-paced thriller. If you miss shows like ‘Alias,’ you're in for a treat."

Grabbed up by the United States government and thrown into training camps, orphans around the country have been raised to become America’s next generation of super spies. Now, as adults, they live amongst us, ready for “the family” to call them back into action. It promises to offer everything you love about spies, including the whole "living among us" thing that typically defines a great spy.

Protocol: Orphans #1 will arrive in stores on November 13th and carries a retail price of $3.99 under Diamond order code SEP130986. Full press release below.

Review - Nefarious Nights, Dreadful Days #1

"Heed the warning!"

Nefarious Nights, Dreadful Days #1 wants to offer readers something along the lines of horror. The first story is called "Curse of the Nail" and it's got a very distinct Drag Me to hell feel to it. The issue is written by Julya Oui and illustrated by Edwin Kho.

Must Read Valiant: Greatest Hits #1 Brings Awesomeness

January is a great month to find out why Valiant is becoming a must read when it comes to superhero comics. Why's that? The publisher is offering Must Read Valiant: Greatest Hits #1 with more than 100 pages of Valiant Comics for just $5.99 on January 15. The book collects X-O Manowar #5, Quantum and Woody #1, Harbinger #1, Harbinger Wars #2 and Shadowman #0.

"One of our major obstacles is that everything we've put out has been so well received. Potential new readers are hearing good things about all of our books, which makes it difficult to know where to start reading. At New York Comic-Con this past weekend, we heard the same question again and again: 'I've heard great things, my friends love Valiant, but no one can agree where I should start. Can you help?'" said Valiant CEO & Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani. "MUST READ VALIANT: GREATEST HITS #1 is the perfect answer. This is a collection of the five single issues we've found to be most effective at giving new readers a clean entry point and a taste for more."

Valiant's ongoing monthly titles will also fall under the Must Read Valiant banner this winter with a new wave of self-contained stories and easy jumping-on points from some of the brightest talents in the industry today. Look for new Must Read Valiant milestones each month, beginning in November with Quantum and Woody #5 by James Asmus and Ming Doyle; then continuing on in December with Shadowman #13 by Peter Milligan and Roberto De La Torre; and in January with Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps #18 by Christos Gage, Joshua Dysart and Bart Sears; Harbinger #20 by Joshua Dysart and Clayton Henry; and Eternal Warrior #5 by Greg Pak and Diego Bernard.

Full press release below.

Hellraiser 2013 Annual #1 Unleashed for Halloween

IMAGINE AGENTS Cover A by Khary Randolph

Halloween is a great day for tricks, treats and scares. It's also a good day for new comics, especially ones that trade in any or all of the above. Hellraiser is one such property and BOOM! Studios will be releasing Hellraiser 2013 Annual #1 in honor of the "hallowed" day. And the book will feature stores by Clive Barker, Ben Meares and Brandon Seifert and art by Jesús Hérvás and Janusz Ordon and a cover by menton3 featuring Elliott Spencer, Kirsty Cotton and Harry D’Amour.

In the extra-large special issue, the creators will delve even deeper into the mysteries of Leviathan and the war between the Hells. It's a key piece of the Hellraiser: The Dark Watch saga and the effects of the stories contained within will play out in upcoming issues.

Hellraiser 2013 Annual #1 will arrive in stores on October 30th and carries a retail price of $4.99 under Diamond order code AUG131135. Full press release below.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Review - Rocket Girl #1

"I'm 15 years old and a cop from the future."

Future cops tend to be male, strong and well-versed in martial arts of some sort. They're not typically 15-year-old girls who offer flippant witticisms in the face of authority. In the case of Rocket Girl #1 from Image Comics, that's exactly what they are though. They do have the martial arts acumen though!

The first issue is written by Brandon Montclare and illustrated by Amy Reeder.

Preview - Strange Nation #1

Journalism is strange. Strange journalism is even stranger. And it finds Norma Park biting off more than she can chew in Strange Nation #1, written by Paul Allor and illustrated and colored by Juan Romera.

All Norma Park ever wanted was to be a journalist; to expose the truth, and hold those in power accountable. But after she loses her prestigious newspaper job, the only place that will hire her is supermarket tabloid Strange Nation. She soon discovers a vast and dangerous conspiracy. Aliens. Sasquatch. Doomsday cults. It's all real, and it's all connected.

The issue is in stores October 16 with interiors below.

Frank Bill Resurrects The Crow for IDW

The Crow is a character who never seems to die. That is, after all, the main thrust of the character as he appears in comics. His appearances in comics never seems to die as well, with the latest news from IDW that the publisher will be bringing The Crow: Pestilence to readers in 2014, courtesy of Frank Bill and Drew Moss, with James O'Barr doing covers. The Crow: Pestilence transplants the spirit of vengeance to the southwest, introducing a brand-new cast of characters and exploring the grim underbelly of greed and betrayal in the deadly town of Juarez, Mexico.

“I’ve never seen lead characters take more brutally inventive abuse than the kind Frank Bill heaped on his characters in Crimes and Donnybrook. I’m excited to see Frank bring such a strong voice and visceral storytelling ability to comics, especially on something as well-suited to his skills as The Crow,” said Chris Ryall, IDW’s Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Chief. “It was great to find out that James O’Barr was equally intrigued by Frank’s work, comparing him to Jim Thompson and other literary greats.”

“I've always been a big fan of James O'Barr's The Crow and his artwork,” said Bill, “so when I was offered the opportunity to write my own version, I was blown away. I wanted to place my best foot forward, I knew I had some big shoes to fill.”

The Crow: Pestilence is out in next spring, digitally and in print. Full press release below.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Review - Epic #1

"Eric, my friend, I have deduced that your only girls."

Ever wonder if getting superpowers would make you more confident? More capable of handling typical day to day situations, such as burning nightclubs, bullying and other incidents? If you've got powers you're on the way up, but you may still have some issues dealing with some of the more mundane things in life, such as talking to girls. It may be painful for those involved, but it makes for great reading in Comix Tribe's Epic #1.

The issue is written by Tyler James and illustrated by Matt Zolman, with art assists by Fico Ossio (pages 27-32), inks by Vic Moya (pages 1-8), colors by Arsia Rozegar and flats by Eric White and Katrina Joyner.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel & Faith Return in 2014

You can't say that Joss Whedon isn't hot right now. The man epitomizes geek and everything that comes with it, dabbling in just about all the cool stuff that the kids are watching and reading. Dark Horse loves playing in his Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe and they're slated to bring brand new issues of both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel & Faith in 2014, courtesy of Christos Gage and Victor Gischler.

“In Buffy, Season 10 is going to be about bringing friendships back together, while in Angel & Faith, relationships are shattered. Magic is starting to come back into the world, but in some surprising ways, like that vampire we saw standing in the sunlight at the end of Season 9,” says Editor in Chief Scott Allie.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 is slated for 30 issues, written by Gage and illustrated by Rebekah Issacs, with covers by long time series artist, Steve Morris.

“The Buffyverse community has been wonderfully welcoming to Rebekah and me. It's a tremendous honor for Joss and Dark Horse to trust us with their flagship book, and we are going to do all we can to be worthy of that trust. It's a new season, with new rules...but hopefully the same blend of love, action, horror, humor and creativity that's made Buffy and her Scoobies part of all our families. We hope you'll join us for the ride,” states Christos Gage

Angel & Faith is also slated for a 30 issue run, written by Gischler and illustrated by Will Conrad, with covers by Scott Fischer.

"I was proud and privileged to have a small part in season nine, and I can't express how grateful I am to have an expanded role in season ten. Buffy the Vampire Slayer remains an iconic television show, and the Dark Horse comics continue that great tradition. I plan on having a lot of fun," says Gischler.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #1 hits stands March 19th and Angel & Faith Season 10 #1 is on sale April 2nd in comic shops everywhere. Full press release below.

Sacrifice. Continuity. Tribulation.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Serenity Returns to Comics

It's been a long time, but the Browncoats are returning to comics! Joss Whedon is behind the return that continues the storyline directly after the movie and the series will pair Zack Whedon with Georges Jeanty. Not only that, but the work will serve as the cornerstone of the Dark Horse 2014 line-up.

“We've been dying to get more Serenity out ever since the book Joss and Zack wrote. We all loved Zack's work on Shepherd's Tale, and couldn't wait to get him back into the mix. This story is the first giant step past the film, after the big damn heroes stuck a big middle finger in the face of the Alliance,” notes Editor in Chief Scott Allie, “Zack establishes new ground rules for these characters. He nails the voices, takes the relationships to the next level, and just gives us all the best space romp since the film Joss made …”

Malcolm Reynolds’s crew shook the ’verse to its core when they laid bare the crimes against humanity undertaken by their sinister government—the Alliance. Always outlaws, Mal, a very pregnant Zoe, new pilot River Tam, and the other surviving crew members are in greater danger than ever, and everyone’s asking the same question . . .

Serenity: Firefly Class 03-K64—Leaves on the Wind #1 (of 6) is on sale January 29th in comic shops everywhere. Full press release below.

Review - Triple Helix #1

"Careful Cataclysm. I don't think that thing is much interested in anything you have to say."

Ever hear of John Byrne? Old school comic book fans may know him from some work for Marvel and DC way back in the day. Now, he's making a rather triumphant return to comics with IDW in Triple Helix #1. The issue is written and illustrated by Byrne, with colors by Leonardo O'Grady and letters by Robbie Robbins.

Quantum and Woody Pairs Up for Mini-series

Christopher Priest and M.D. Bright are teaming up. While their goal isn't to recreate the magic that exists between Quantum and Woody themselves, they are hoping to create a little magic in a brand new mini-series around the two heroes. And it's going to be an all-new, five-issue miniseries set wholly in the original continuity of Priest and Bright's groundbreaking Acclaim Comics series that will pick up in the modern day, launching an older Quantum and Woody into an all-new adventure set 20 years after the events of their original series.

“Soon as Doc and I started hashing out the plotline, we got into a huge argument. It was just like old times. Happy to be back on the goat,” said Priest.

"It's enormously exciting to have Priest and Doc return to the iconic characters they made famous," said Valiant Executive Editor Warren Simons. "Over the years, the legend of the original series has only grown, and they're about to unleash a fearless new chapter in the lives of Quantum and Woody."

Whatever happened to the world's worst superhero team? Twenty years past their prime, the unlikely crime-fighting duo known as Quantum and Woody have long since parted ways and retired…until a middle-aged Quantum suddenly reappears with a brand-new teenage partner—and his wisecracking ex-best friend gets mad. Now Woody is out to break up the all-new, all-different Quantum and Woody and put an end to Quantum's recklessness and child endangerment…just as Quantum sets out to bring down a shadowy, globe-spanning agency of freelance spies and assassins. As Quantum's plan crumbles right through Woody's fingers, will the former friends set aside their differences…and their age…and their numerous health difficulties…to join forces one last time without driving each other crazy?

The series is set to hit stores in 2014. Full press release below.

Aspen NYCC Announcements

Aspen may be on the west coast, but they still use the east coast for making big announcements. NYCC was no exception and they have quite a few things they want you to be aware of. The first is that they've got a new series in the works called Lola from Siya Oum. Featuring a post-apocalyptic landscape and one woman’s desire to discover the truth about her missing parents while she traverses the landscape known as the “Wasteland” in search of them.

“Damsels in Excess” from creator Vince Hernandez and Mirka Andolfo is a fairy tale action-adventure series that centers on a young princess, Bethany, who must survive the deadly threat of her fellow princesses of the Five Realms before they destroy her kingdom—and end her life. Jirni will return for a second volume, again pairing Paolo Pantalena and Brett Smith. David Wohl and Brad Foxhoven’s “Legend of the Shadow Clan” returns for a second volume as well, following the hit first story arc. The art team of Cory Smith and John Starr will be returning as the series art team for the next volume.

7 to Die is another new release by Tag Roberts. The novel tells the story of Lex MacArthur, a bright, but struggling San Francisco college student who inexplicably receives an enigmatic clay pendant with an etched eight-pointed star in the mail. The pendant, which unlocks a bevy of dormant superhuman genes, also ignites Lex’s mission to discover who she is and where she came from. With several new enemies aggressively pursuing her to extort and capitalize on her newfound abilities, Lex is forced to fight for her life and save those she loves from certain death.

Full press release below.