Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Review - The Glory #1

"So good to see you! Finally!"

Partners in crime typically share a very familial bond that transcends any other relationship. It's that bond that allows them to operate and commit crimes so efficiently. Sometimes though, things tend to fall apart and get dicey between the former partners. The Glory #1 takes a look at the fallout from one such relationship. The issue is written by Glenn Møane, illustrated by Tirso Llaneta, colored by Monte Thompson and lettered by Sean Rinehart.

Aspen Comics Provides Exclusive Covers for DC's Rebirth

DC Comics is having what you may call an identity crisis (pun intended). They've been going through some creative quandaries and workplace issues that haven't really done them any favors. In an attempt to right the ship though they're launching their latest universe-spanning reboot in Rebirth. And Aspen Comics is offering a couple exclusive covers--starting with Batman #1 on June 15. These new exclusive DC Comics Rebirth covers continue an illustrious collaborative history between the two publishers, including 2004’s Superman: Godfall mini-series presented by Aspen, Michael Turner’s best-selling “Return of Supergirl” six-issue run within the pages of Superman/Batman, a run of covers on The Justice League of America and The Flash.

The series of Aspen Comics exclusive covers begins with DC’s Batman #1 on June 15th and is only available on www.AspenStore.com. Pre-orders for this special variant will begin on on June 1st, featuring a cover by late Aspen founder and legendary artist, Michael Turner with colors by The Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade colorist Peter Steigerwald, limited to 3,000 copies, with a special black-and-white sketch cover edition limited to 1,500 copies. Aspen also plans to make limited quantities of DC’s Batman #1 available for purchase beginning this June at Denver Comic Con on June 17-19th and Comic Con International: San Diego on July 21-24th exclusively at the Aspen Comics Booths.

Batman #1 is written by Tom King with art by David Finch, Matt “Batt” Banning and Jordie Bellaire. Solicitation copy for the issue reads: “I AM GOTHAM” Chapter One. No one has ever stopped the Caped Crusader. Not The Joker. Not Two-Face. Not even the entire Justice League. But how does Batman confront a new hero who wants to save the city from the Dark Knight?

Full press release below.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Review - The Art of Rahsan Ekedal HC (@ImageComics)

When you've been around the industry for long enough, you start to accumulate a portfolio. The portfolio offers fans a look at all your work--from your humble, early beginnings to your superstar comic book artist days. Rahsan Ekedal has been around the block long enough to have such a portfolio and Image Comics is collecting it in The Art of Rahsan Ekedal HC. The hardcover features art and commentary by Rahsan Ekedal.

Blue Monday Finds Groove in Full-Color Paperback

Blue Monday is a work created by Chynna Clugston Flores that has long been a favorite among readers familiar with the work. Image Comics likes the idea of others becoming familiar with Flores' work and are poised to release Blue Monday, Volume 1: The Kids Are Alright. The volume will feature all-new colors from Jordie Bellaire and introduction from Kieron Gillen when it hits stores in July. Readers can experience the Pepsi-fueled misadventures of Bleu L. Finnegan, comics’ favorite blue-haired, Buster Keaton-obsessed, Adam Ant-worshipping teenager from the very beginning.

"BLUE MONDAY in full color is like a dream come true for me, since it's always appeared in the brightest of colors in my head,” said Flores. “The whole thing has been remastered in a sense––the art's been cleaned, it's as bright and alive as it always wanted to be, and it'll be full comic size instead of digest. It'll be at full-volume, maximum obnoxiousness, and I really can't wait for everyone to see its new incarnation."

"I grew up reading BLUE MONDAY in my teenage years, and it is the foundation for exposing me to all sorts of music, comics, and films that saved my adolescence from shit-kicker suburban hell,” said editor Ian Shaughnessy. “As a fan and now a friend, I couldn’t be happier working as Chynna’s editor on these new full-color editions, as well as on the new adventures of Bleu and the gang in future BLUE MONDAY comics. Jordie Bellaire’s vibrant palette is the perfect match for Chynna’s material, and seeing it in color is like reading it all over again, for the first time."

Full press release below.

Valiant Reveals Massive Jam Cover for X-O Manowar #50

It's kind of hard to believe, but X-O Manowar is about to turn 50. Not 50 years old--he's much, much older than that--rather, the series will hit its 50th issue. Valiant is celebrating the milestone in a colossal way by teaming up fifty artists for a massive jam cover. Debuting as the standard shelf cover to September's oversized X-O Manowar #50 milestone issue, this never-before-attempted comics landmark features a breathtaking collection of top talents as they each deliver an all-new take on Valiant's leading hero in their own signature style. With colors by David Baron, the one-of-a-kind collection of artists featured on the X-O Manowar #50 All-Star Jam Cover spans the character's storied 25-year history and includes modern-day superstars, up-and-coming talents, and major comics luminaries, alongside numerous Valiant veterans that helped forge X-O Manowar's place in comics legend.

"This cover represents more than a year's worth of hard work on the part of Valiant's editorial team and the extraordinary cast of artists you now see before you," said Valiant Associate Director of Digital Media & Development Josh Johns. "We wanted to celebrate X-O MANOWAR #50 in the biggest way we could, and this cover is only the first surprise we have in store."

"X-O MANOWAR #50 will be, without a doubt, the single biggest milestone ever produced by Valiant," said Valiant CEO & Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani. "Beginning with the incredible jam cover, this issue will stand on its own as both a tribute to the character's vital place in the Valiant Universe and the entirety of the years-long epic that Robert Venditti – along with artists Cary Nord, Lee Garbett, Trevor Hairsine, Doug Braithwaite, Diego Bernard, Rafa Sandoval, Robert Gill, and Valiant's amazing editorial team– forged into one of the greatest narrative feats of the modern era. Big moments don't get much bigger than this."

Born into battle, Aric of Dacia – heir to the throne of the Visigoth Empire – never knew peace. Raised under the oppressive thumb of the Roman Empire in fifth-century Europe, Aric’s entire existence was spent fighting a never-ending insurgency against history’s most brutal empire…until a far more terrifying enemy revealed itself and changed his destiny forever. Abducted by a brutal race of extraterrestrials known as the Vine, Aric was forced into slavery on an alien world. Torn from his family, his people and his nation, he spent years plotting his escape…until the day came that he was able to seize a weapon of incalculable destruction – a sentient suit of alien armor – and become X-O Manowar!

Returning to Earth only to find that 1,600 years have passed during his journey across the stars, the world’s most primitive man now wields the universe’s most powerful weapon. Working in concert with Earth’s governments and other super-powered heroes like himself, Aric has defended the planet, brokered peace amongst the powerful, and even rebuilt his kingdom from the ashes of history. But now he faces a unthinkable new foe far more terrible than any that have come before… They are The Torment – and their name means death. Thought to be a legend by the Vine, they have now become Earth’s violent reality. As old as the universe itself, they have traveled for eons to reach us…in search of Aric of Dacia and the unstoppable X-O Manowar armor. Can Aric challenge a seemingly omnipotent threat with motives beyond the comprehension of mortal men? Will the armor truly be our world’s salvation, just as the Vine’s myths foretold? And is this the beginning of the end for X-O Manowar – or the beginning of something even bigger?

Full press release below.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Review - Lobster Johnson: Metal Monsters of Midtown #1 (@DarkHorseComics)

"Ladies and gentlemen, I know what I've been describing is hard to believe, but if you could see what I'm seeing here tonight..."

When giant robots attack your city do you have a plan of action? Hope the army rolls in to save the day? Count on your super-intelligent sibling can come up with a solution? Or just rely on a hero like Lobster Johnson to save the day? The latter is what those in Lobster Johnson: Metal Monsters of Midtown #1 from Dark Horse Comics do. The issue is written by Mike Mignola and John Arcudi, illustrated by Tonci Zonjic, colored by Dave Stewart and lettered by Clem Robins.

Black Science Charges Back into the Breach

Rick Remender and Matteo Scalera are all about bringing high-stakes to comics. Their latest ante in the pot comes in the form of Black Science #22, where Grant McKay threatens to unravel a peace treaty between three godlike races, putting the entire Eververse at risk—all in a hot-headed attempt to rescue his daughter. Prior to that, the catastrophic final jump of the Pillar cast the last Dimensionaut adrift on the wreckage of his former self, stranded in the furthest reaches of space. Before he reclaiming his mantle as protector of the Eververse, he first had to overcome the demons that lurk within his own soul.

"The new storyline We Say Goodbye to Ourselves (part 1 of 5) begins in BLACK SCIENCE issue 22, and is a very different new direction for the series,” said Remender. “A hard-earned optimistic appraisal might just lead to a hard-earned victory for Grant McKay. All of the pieces we've set up begin to converge. A new cast member will take the spotlight. An encounter with a strange sorceress will lead to a character defining choice that will change one Dimensionaut forever.”

“We have more exciting new worlds, illustrated masterfully by Matteo, that alone is worth the price of admission,” he added. “And finally one of our cast members returns home to Earth to discover a shocking truth. I couldn't be more excited about this story and the payouts loyal readers have to look forward to."

Black Science #22 (Diamond code: MAY160577) hits stores Wednesday, July 6th. Final order cutoff deadline for retailers is Monday, June 13th. Full press release below.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Review - José González Vampirella Art Edition Hardcover (@DynamiteComics)

"Why do you brood, Vampirella? Are you not happy here?"

Vampirella is a character who is more powerful than most realize. She's also been around for longer than most people realize and part of her longevity has to do with the work of José González. José González Vampirella Art Edition Hardcover from Dynamite Comics collects his earlier works on the character and it's a fitting homage. The hardcover includes Vampirella #15: "The Resurrection of Papa Voudou," Vampirella #16: "...And Be a Bride of Chaos" and Vampirella #37: "She Who Waits" written by Archie Goodwin, Vampirella #19: "Shadow Of Dracula", written by T Casey Brennan, Vampirella #21: "Slithers in the Sand" and Vampirella #23: "The Blood Queen of Bayou Parish" written by Steve Englehart, Vampirella #27: "Return Trip?" written by Josep Toutain, Vampirella #28: "Curse of the MacDaemons" written by Mike Butterworth, Vampirella #61: "An Eye for an Eye" written by Bill DuBay and Vampirella #108: "Spawn of the Star Beast 6" and Vampirella #112: "The Walker of Worlds" written by Rich Margopoulos. All original artwork by José González.

Werewolves vs. Dinosaurs Slashes Into Comic Shops in August

Dinosaurs have long been viewed as the most dominant species ever to have existed, owing largely to their size and general ferocity. Humans really don't stand a chance against them (as do most animals), but what about werewolves? In August, American Mythology Dark will release Werewolves vs. Dinosaurs to comic shops. Writer Chris Scalf and artist Eric Dobson team up on the work that finds the main character, Cade, in the middle of a supernatural smack down orchestrated by a group of mysterious men in black. Instead of catching a long needed break in the sleepy little town he stumbles into, Cade lands on a runaway train ride full of over-the-top carnage, mayhem, and mystery that rivals the wildest grindhouse films ever made.

“Werewolves vs. Dinosaurs is sort of a sequel to a previous story that came about as a joke. My son is a big rail fan and loves going on trips to distant towns to visit rail lines. I myself am a comic/sci-fi fan, I would always wonder out loud if there were in any comic shops in any of these towns… We kidded around about the need for my sci fi/monster interests to coincide with his train hobby in a comic book— something like “Werewolves in a train.” This led me to doing a mock pulp cover for said comic. Eric Dobson, a friend who is also a great writer, saw it, and wanted to write a story around it. We initially were going to publish that one first, but sometime after that I had the thought that we should do a sequel. I had a story idea I brought to Eric and asked if he would want to flesh that one out instead… The rest is history. We had a lot of fun going back and forth on this and developing these characters and storyline ideas. The sequel ended up being more of the origin story and here we are…” said Scalf about the new comic.

Writer and co-creator Dobson said, "When Chris and I first started playing with the idea for Werewolves vs Dinosaurs, we both figured it'd be a fun, goofy idea, but as we waded deeper into the idea, the story and the characters, we both realized we had the chance to put out a really cool book - the kind of thing we both loved as kids. We're hoping we can continue the story, dig into the characters we've created, and of course unleash a bunch more monsters and mythical creatures onto the page."

“When Chris first approached us about doing this series, we just looked at each other and said what a cool concept for a comic. The title alone grabs you and makes you want to see more. When he showed us some of his preliminary concept art for the series, we knew it was a no-brainer that we just had to put this book out. We couldn’t think of a better way to help introduce readers to our new Dark series,” said Michael Bornstein, American Mythology’s publisher. “The book really is a thrill ride for readers from start to finish and delivers on its promise to keep you at the edge of your seat. When you can deliver such a potent combination of concept, art, and story, you can’t help but get excited about a project like this. We’re hoping fans will devour this book as fast as the carnivores that fill its pages as we kick off yet another new chapter to our expanding lineup. Sit back, strap in, and leave the lights on, as we unleash Werewolves vs Dinosaurs this summer!”

Full press release below.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Review - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas #1 (@IDWPublishing)

"We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold."

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas really needs no introduction. It's got a special place in pop culture, paying homage to the drug-induced stupors of a different era. That doesn't mean that it doesn't deserve a comic though and IDW Publshing is doing just that with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas #1. The issue is written and illustrated by Troy Little.

Dark Horse Day Goes International June 4

The world is a very big place. Dark Horse has embraced the immense size of the world and June 4th the publisher will celebrate Dark Horse Day. Dark Horse is inviting retailers and fans across the world to enjoy the day with them. And there are a slew of retailers all over the world who will help celebrate by offering promo bundles containing all-new posters, window clings, postcards and more. The promo bundles also contain the commemorative Dark Horse Day sampler, a forty-page comic featuring some of the top titles Dark Horse has published from each decade of our past thirty years—including Aliens vs. Predator, Sin City, Umbrella Academy and a new Buffy the Vampire Slayer story.

Full press release below.

The Fuse Charges On

Anthony Johnston and Justin Greenwood are working to set a new story arc in motion in The Fuse starting this July. Previously, Ristovych and Dietrich were faced with the yearly bacchanalia that is Perihelion—a 24-hour festival celebrating The Fuse’s closest proximity to the sun. Rising to the occasion, they battled crowds, fervored citizens, escaped convicts, crazed gunmen, anarchist protesters, attempts on the Mayor’s life, and two homicide cases to boot. It was a long day. In The Fuse #19, Ralph’s mystery might just be solved at last, and retirement beckons for Midway’s oldest, crankiest Homicide detective. Before Klem can hang up her space boots, there’s one final case to solve—and this one will hit closer to home for her secretive young partner Ralph than he’d like…

"This is the one where we burn it all down and dance around the flaming wreckage,” said Johnston. “A seemingly simple homicide will turn into something much bigger, and the cracks in Klem and Ralph's relationship will explode. In the finest comic book tradition, nothing will ever be the same again..."

"It feels to me like this whole series has been building to this story arc,” said Greenwood. “The time has come for Klem and Ralph to put their cards on the table, and the results may not be very pretty."

The Fuse #19 (Diamond code: MAY160600) hits stores Wednesday, July 6th. Final order cutoff deadline for retailers is Monday, June 13th. Full press release below.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Review - Weird Detective #1 (@DarkHorseComics)

"The Captain never questioned my methods as long as I delivered the expected results."

Solving mysteries is one of the more pronounced aspect of a detective's job description. Some detectives are better at it than others, but it's likely that a lot of them would be better if they had extrasensory perception abilities. Detective Sebastian Greene in Weird Detective #1 from Dark Horse Comics is one such detective. The issue is written by Fred Van Lente, illustrated by Guiu Vilanova, colored by Mauricio Wallace and lettered by

Preview - Brobots and the Kaiju Kerfuffle!

Bros are a special breed of individuals who thrive on constant optimism and fraternal affection for one another. Robot bros are all that and robots. And in Brobots and the Kaiju Kerfuffle!, a trio of robot bros reel in a big challenge and must band together to battle a giant monster in this playful take on classic kaiju-mech and fairytale stories. The graphic novel is written by J. Torres and illustrated by Sean Dove and is slated to hit stores May 25.

Check out the interiors below.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Review - Prometheus: Life and Death #1 (@DarkHorseComics)

"Ganymeade Station must go to high alert/lockdown."

At some point when exploring space you've just got to know when to say when. That lesson doesn't seem to hit home for Colonial Marines as their thirst for adventure and exploration continues to outweigh the accompanying threats. Another threat is exposed in Prometheus: Life and Death #1 from Dark Horse Comics. The issue is written by Dan Abnett, illustrated by Andrea Mutti, colored by Rain Beredo and lettered by Michael Heisler.

Devolution Hits TPB in August

In January 2016, Dynamite Entertainment introduced readers to Devolution, an original series from Rick Remender and Jonathan Wayshak. The work proved that when the world devolves, it does so quite rapidly and brutally. And Dynamite wants to make sure everyone gets a chance to read it which is why they're collecting it in TPB form in August.

"To see something I wrote years ago given so much incredible love from Jon Wayshak, colorist Jordan Boyd, and letterer Rus Wooton is a strange treat," says writer Rick Remender. "I rejoice in the rendering. It's worth the price of admission to see what these three have done."

In Devolution, every living creature on Earth has been devolved, the evolutionary clock turned back, reverting all life to odd mutations and prehistoric incarnations. The cities of man are little more than bloody territories ruthlessly dominated by tribal Neanderthals ruling from the backs of mammoths, packs of saber-toothed tigers, and giant man-eating insects. Raja, one of the few remaining "Still Sapien" humans, heads to San Francisco to find the antidote for the world-changing DVO-8 viral agent. But to cross the wasteland, she'll have to convince the last pocket of humanity to join her quest... and survive the Nazi hillbillies that rule them through fear!

"Working with Rick was a great experience. I'm happy that we finally were able to get together and get something like Devolution going," says series artist Jonathan Wayshak. "It was a ton of fun and I got to draw what I wanted. I couldn't ask for more!"

"Rick and Jon have crafted a gnarly, mean-spirited gem whose central questions about human nature might hit closer to home than we'd all like, and I'm psyched beyond belief that I got to help bring their grotesque vision to life," says Jordan Boyd, colorist.

"When Rick and I first discussed this series, the concept blew me away," says Dynamite CEO and Publisher, Nick Barrucci. "It was both exciting and ambitious, the kind of idea only a writer of Rick's caliber could really pull off. When the art started coming in, and we saw what Jonathan Wayshak and the rest of the team were bringing to the table, we truly had hit a high watermark in storytelling."

Full press release below.

Valiant Entertainment Renews Distribution Agreement with comiXology

Summer 2016 is poised to be big for Valiant Entertainment and it just got bigger. The publisher, comiXology and Amazon announced today an expanded and renewed distribution agreement to sell Valiant Entertainment’s digital comics and collections on the comiXology platform and expand the distribution of Valiant’s library to Amazon’s Kindle Store. The announcement coincides with the May 2016 launch of Valiant Entertainment’s latest comics event in 4001 A.D. #1 by Matt Kindt, Clayton Crain and David Mack.

“Valiant’s expansion onto Kindle represents a colossal new audience for our award-winning library of content and characters,” said Valiant Chief Operating Officer Gavin Cuneo. “Valiant’s digital readership continues to grow globally and, with the continued support of comiXology, we look forward to furthering Valiant’s mission of reaching as many fans as possible the world over.”

“We’ve been fortunate enough to work with Valiant for years and to see their growth and explosion since the beginning has been amazing,” said comiXology’s Senior Director of Communications, Chip Mosher. “We’re excited to help Valiant grow that much more by introducing them to Kindle fans worldwide.”

Full press release below.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Review - Archangel #1 (@IDWPublishing)

"The final procedure was entirely successful. See for yourself."

William Gibson is more or less known as the father of cyberpunk and many aspects of the science fiction genre in general. His work has been pivotal to literature in general, but he's never brought his talents to comics. IDW Publishing wants to change that with the release of Archangel #1. The issue is written by Gibson, illustrated by Butch Guice, inked by Tom Palmer and Guice, colored by Diego Rodriguez and lettered by Shawn Lee.

Art of the Shadow Gets Collected in Hardcover Art Book

"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?" is one of the most famous taglines in comics. And it's all the more reason for Dynamite to celebrate the character of The Shadow with The Dynamite Art of The Shadow hardcover that features over 320 gorgeously illustrated pages from some of the biggest names in the industry on August 31. The work will include art from artists such as Alex Ross, Howard Chaykin, Matt Wagner, John Cassaday, Francesco Francavilla, Tim Bradstreet, Wilfredo Torres, Chris Samnee, Jason Shawn Alexander and many more.

"With a line-up of interior Shadow stories by top, cutting-edge graphic storytellers, Dynamite was able to hit home run after home run with its choice of cover artists, ranging from the top painters to top traditional comic book artists to top cartoonists," adds Uslan. "The Shadow is mysterious. His artists are brilliant. And the Shadow art is... Dynamite!"

Michael Uslan, the bestselling author of The Boy Who Loved Batman and Archie Marries, provides the foreword to the compendium. From his foreword, he writes, "If you go with the radio version, he was invisible and had the power to cloud men's minds. If you prefer the pulp version, he mastered the art of stealth in the shadows. Either way, what a challenge to artists to attempt to bring this character to life in a visual medium like comic books! But without a Shadow of a doubt, the deed was done and the coup was pulled off by generation after generation of artists from the 1930's to today, building a legend of contemporary mythology in the process and making The Shadow one of the most widely-known characters in pop culture history."

"It has been an honor for Dynamite to add to the publishing legacy of one of the most iconic characters of all time," says Dynamite CEO and Publisher, Nick Barrucci. "We have been very fortunate to work with some of the best artists and writers working in comics today to tell all-new tales of this legendary pulp hero. We wanted to give fans a chance to own all of our Dynamite covers to date in a premium format, and couldn't more excited at the result."

Full press release below.

Dark Horse Travels Through Time with Echoes

Mike Richardson and Gabriel Guzmán are busy individuals. That doesn't mean they can't find time for a new graphic novel from Dark Horse called Echoes. Troubled pilot Fred Martin is caught in a bizarre storm and loses control of his aircraft. Martin awakens unharmed, only to discover that he is thirty years in the past with the impossible opportunity to right the wrong that ruined his future. But to prevent murder, will he commit murder?

Echoes (978-1506701233 / $14.99) debuts on November 23, 2016. Full press release below.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Review - Snow White vs. Snow White #1 (@zenescope)

"The realms of power are mine!"

Characters like Sela Mathers have seen her fair share of chaos throughout her life. And living in the comic version of the Grimm Fairy Tales offers plenty of chaos. Things get even more difficult for Sela though in Snow White vs. Snow White #1 from Zenescope. The issue is written by Lou Iovino, illustrated by David Cutler, colored by Valentina Cuomo and lettered by Christy Sawyer.

Women of Dynamite Immortalized in Statues

Dynamite Entertainment has been really big on the crossovers lately and one of their higher profile ones was Swords of Sorrow. The limited series brought together some of the most iconic female characters in the Dynamite universe together in one massive event. Dynamite is looking to give two of those characters even more homage by adding Red Sonja and Dejah Thoris to the Women of Dynamite line. Each statue will be painstakingly rendered in incredible detail by Jason Smith and will be released in August and September respectively, carrying a price tag of $189.99 each.

"Dynamite Entertainment has published so many great characters over the years, and Red Sonja and Dejah Thoris are easily two of our most well known," says Dynamite CEO/Publisher, Nick Barrucci. "The previous Red Sonja statues have sold out so quickly, and we've never had a Dejah Thoris statue, so as we continue to grow our line of collectibles, these two are an obvious choice for new 3D renditions."

First up is Red Sonja, the She-Devil with a Sword, poised on a snow-covered battlefield. Based on the original design of comics sensation J. Scott Campbell and sculpted by Smith, Hyrkania's most lethal warrior stands approximately 11.5" in height upon a decorative 5.5" wide base. Hand-painted on cold-cast porcelain with ABS details, this highly-detailed statue comes individually numbered as part of a limited edition run, and is packaged in a four-color box with a hand-numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

For the Dejah Thoris statue, Smith and the team at the Brewing Factory poured over the very finest creator illustrations to find just the right inspiration, resulting in this gorgeous statue based on Frank Cho artwork, measuring 12" high (to the tip of her sword) and 4.5" deep, with a 6" base. Hand-painted on cold-cast porcelain with ABS details, each statue is individually numbered as part of a Limited Edition run, and comes packaged in a four-color box with a hand-numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Full press release below.

Image Finds Worst Demons

When Robert Kirkman and Marc Silvestri team up good things will happen. Image Comics likes them teaming up and is publishing the latest fruits of their labor in Demonic. The work will feature debut artist Niko Walter, colorist Dan Brown and letterer Sal Cipriano set to launch this August 2016.

In Demonic, Detective Scott Graves will do anything to protect his family… even bargain away his soul. Now, the only thing to fear isn’t New York’s worst criminals, but what's already raging inside of him. After all, what's the cost of your soul when it's already damaged?

Demonic #1 Cover A (Diamond Code JUN160587) and Cover B by Lukas Ketner (Diamond Code JUN160588) will hit comic book stores on Wednesday, August 17th. The final order cutoff deadline for comic book retailers is Monday, July 25th. Full press release below.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Review - Lumberjanes: Makin' the Ghost of It Special 2016 #1 (@boomstudios)

"Uh, guys, I don't taste anything. Guys? Is something wrong with me?"

Having the ability to survive in nature is definitely an ability worth having. Some people use it for different things, such as hunting, building camps or even gathering plants to eat. All of that time in the woods also leads to great stories, such as those in Lumberjanes: Makin' the Ghost of It Special 2016 #1 from kaBOOM! Studios. "Makin' the Ghost of It" is written by Jen Wang, illustrated by Christine Norrie, colored by Maarta Laiho and lettered by Aubrey Aiese. "Sphinxes, and Riddles, and Wishes, Oh My!" is written by Kelly Thompson, illustrated by Savanna Ganucheau, colored by Joie Brown and lettered by Mad Rupert.

Snotgirl Wipes Away Competition

Typically, when you think of snot you don't do so very highly. It's generally associated with being a bad side effect of having a cold and doesn't really lend itself to being anything other than that. Image Comics has a different take on that matter, offering up Snotgirl from Bryan Lee O'Malley and Leslie Hung. The series was first announced at Image Expo and will launch in July. In Snotgirl #1, readers will meet Lottie Person. Lottie’s a gorgeous, fun-loving social media star with a seemingly perfect life—but deep-down is she really just a gross, allergy-ridden mess? Enter a world of snot, blood, and tears in this new ongoing series.

"Lottie Person is an extreme example of someone whose online persona is a calculated performance. She's gorgeous, she has great hair and clothes, she has the perfect apartment in downtown Los Angeles," said O'Malley of the main character in a recent interview in Image+ Magazine. "By all appearances she's flawless, but she's an introverted weirdo on the inside."

Hung incorporated current brands and fashion elements into the story and said of her art strategy: "It was important to pay attention to brands, but also to the people who wear those brands in day-to-day life... All the characters kind of have their own thing going on, but as events unfold, I hope people are able to see when things start to shift, and I'm definitely letting the situations dictate the details."

Snotgirl #1 Cover A by Hung (Diamond Code MAY160544) and Cover B by O’Malley (Diamond Code MAY160545) will hit comic book stores on Wednesday, July 20th. The final order cutoff deadline for comic book retailers is Monday, June 27th. Full press release below.

Street Fighter Unlimited Gets Collected This Summer

Street Fighter Unlimited is the latest ongoing Street Fighter comic from UDON Entertainment and it's quite a hit. Readers love getting a monthly fix of Street Fighter, so wouldn't a bunch of months at once be even better? UDON Entertainment seems to think so and they're collecting the first four issues this July in Street Fighter Unlimited Vol. 1 Hardcover. The collection will also feature new bonus content as well, such as a new cover by Edwin Huang and Genzoman and an all-new six-page story drawn by Hanzo Steinbach, featuring a brutal, no-holds-barred showdown between Shadaloo kings Balrog and Vega.

Join a huge cast of fan-favorite World Warriors pulled from every era of Street Fighter as they embark on an epic, brand-new world-spanning adventure! As Ryu sets out on a treacherous journey to gain control of the Satsui no Hadou within him, Chun-Li, Guile and Cammy confront the remnants of Shadaloo in order to pull back the curtain on Gill’s mysterious secret society. With Street Fighter Unlimited, celebrated UDON writer/artist duo Ken Siu-chong and Joe Ng bring the world of Capcom’s beloved fighting game franchise to life like never before – and that’s not even counting all the compelling guest stories by other renowned creators, like Huang, Jeffrey Cruz, Sarah Stone, Jim Zub, Adam Warren, and Omar Dogan!

Full press release below.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Review - Fake Empire (@DarbyPopComics)

"I'm reaching out to all of our people. If the humans did this, or if one of them saw something, no one's talking yet."

The Tooth Fairy is a construct created to alleviate the pain associated with losing one's teeth as a child. The responsibilities of the Tooth Fairy are seemingly very simple, but even the Tooth Fairy might get a little tired of the routine. That might prompt her to want a new direction in life, as is the case in Fake Empire from Darby Pop Comics. The issue is written by Eric Palicki, illustrated by Vinnie Rico, colored by Fred C. Stresing, Juancho Velez and Joaquin Pereyra and lettered by Erica Schultz.

Zombie Tramp Gets Deluxe Treatment

ZoMbie Tramp is an interesting tale from Action Lab Entertainment. The work by Dan Mendoza and Jason Martin is anchoring the publisher's Danger Zone line and in July the work is getting the deluxe hardcover treatment in Zombie Tramp: Year One Deluxe Hardcover. The deluxe hardcover collects so many issues that there are numerous artists featured in the book: enjoy the artistic stylings of TMChu, Dennis Budd, Anna Lencioni, Winston Young and Victoria Harris.

Janey Belle used to be an escort to the stars. Now she’s a zombie who wanders the highways trying to maintain the balance between her former humanity and the monster: Zombie Tramp! Armed with the Necronomicon, Janey is learning dark magic. During her travels, she meets a ton of dark and strange characters.

The mega-sized volume of 320 pages will sell for $24.99 (reg.) or $29.99 (var.). Featuring a striking pair of covers by artist TMChu, there are one hundred copies of the regular edition signed for $39.99 and fifty copies of the risqué edition signed for $49.99. Full press release below.

The Fix Goes Back to Print

The Fix seems to be the cure for what ails many readers. Image Comics realizes this as well, which is why they're taking the The Fix #1 by Steve Lieber and Nick Spender back for a third printing. And while The Fix #1 gets the third printing treatment, The Fix #2 is getting a second life in a second printing at the same time. In The Fix #2, Mac is injured in the line of duty and Roy seeks the help of another detective with a tough case. If you don’t know who Mac or Roy are, it’s time to order The Fix and find out!

The Fix is a story of the crooked cops, scheming mobsters, and corrupt politicians that run things—and the sex toy that can bring them all down. Oh, and the hero is a drug-sniffing beagle named Pretzels. Bad people do bad things to each other in this frenetic, outrageous, sometimes off-putting new caper. Who doesn’t love dogs at the very least? And this third printing HAS a photo of a REAL dog on it.

The Fix #1 and The Fix #2 remain available for purchase across all digital platforms. The Fix #1, third printing (Diamond Code MAR169188) and The Fix #2, second printing (Diamond Code MAR169083) will both arrive in stores on Wednesday, June 8th. Final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, May 16th. Full press release below.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Review - 4001 A.D. X-O Manowar #1 (@ValiantComics)

"We looked to the one weapon that could match New Japan's arsenal. The one weapon even Father could never replicate. The X-O Manowar armor."

Desperate times call for desperate measures. And more often than not, such desperation prompts people to make decisions that might seem bold and even dangerous. Such decisions are made in 4001 A.D. X-O Manowar #1 from Valiant Comics. The issue is written by Robert Venditti, illustrated by Clayton Crain, colored by Brian Reber and Andrew Dalhouse and lettered by Dave Sharpe.

Street Fighter Legends Offers Tale for Cammy

The cast of fighters in the Street Fighter universe is massive and varied. One of the more popular fighters is Cammy and she's getting a turn being the star in Street Fighter Legends: Cammy #1 from UDON Entertainment. The series will be written by Jim Zub and illustrated by Omar Dogan and Ken Siu-Chong and Edwin Huang will lend their talents for the dangerous Chun-li story. All of this action will be available in September.

It’s Cammy White, the stinging bee of Street Fighter, in her own action-packed comic series! Cammy now leads the all-new special ops team “Delta Blue”, as they keep England and the world safe from destructive forces. Whether its art thieves, cyber assaults, or would-be world conquerors, Cammy and Delta Blue are ready to face the enemies of freedom and justice everywhere! Plus, Chun-li faces a mysterious opponent in a special bonus story.

This issue’s standard covers include Cover A by Dogan and Cover B by Rob Porter. All four B-covers for the series will connect to form one image that features Shadaloo’s full Doll Squadron in their new Street Fighter V costumes. And Cover C will be a special Blank Sketch edition of the comic. There will also be a special, retailer incentive homage cover by Frank Cho available in both color (Cover D) and black & white (Cover E).

Full press release below.

Lady Killer Continues in August

Dark Horse is a big fan of Lady Killer, the best-selling series by Joëlle Jones. The series was a hit and the publisher is more than happy to oblige its fans by announcing Lady Killer 2, due in stores August 3. Lady Killer 2 features Jones resuming her role as writer, artis, and cover illustrator, with colors by Michelle Madsen. And to celebrate Dark Horse Comics’ thirtieth anniversary, artists Matteo Scalera and Moreno Dinisio are producing a special variant cover for issue #1.

The killer housewife is back! The Schuller family has moved to Cocoa Beach, Florida, where life carries on as usual. Josie continues to juggle Tupperware parties, her kids, and a few human heads. However, when someone from her past tails her on a hit, she may be in for more than she bargained for.

Lady Killer 2 #1 (of 5) is in stores August 3, 2016. Full press release below.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Review - The Living Finger #1 (@DarbyPopComics)

"It's a finger."

Prestidigitation is a really fancy way of saying magic tricks performed as entertainment. Part of the reason for that word meaning that is the "digit" in there, referring to the fingers ability to manipulate something to great visual effect at the control of the magician. What if the digits can think for themselves though--as they do in The Missing Finger #1 from Darby Pop Publishing. The issue is written and lettered by Garth Matthams and illustrated by Armin Ozdic.

Persona 3 Offers Advice on Surviving the Dark Hour

UDON Entertainment launched Shuji Sogabe's Persona 4 manga series to a lot of fanfare and positive reviews. That only affirmed to them the appetite for the series, which is why they're digging deep to release Persona 3 in English later this year in September. Persona 3 is lauded even today for its engaging storyline, relatable characters, challenging gameplay, memorable soundtrack and stylish visuals. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned Persona 3 veteran or are just discovering this compelling world for the first time – the Persona 3 manga series is certain to appeal to anyone who simply enjoys smart storytelling dealing with themes of existence, identity, and the paranormal. Are you ready to face your true self?

Persona 3 follows a diverse group of high school students as they stumble upon a strange phenomenon known as the “Dark Hour,” a mysterious time that occurs at the stroke of midnight, between one day and the next. Now, Minato Arisato and the rest of his friends in the Special Extracurricular Execution Squad must balance their busy high school lives with their continuing investigation into the Dark Hour – and you thought your high school life was tough! These unlikely heroes will have to face the demons within and find the strength to call upon their inner selves – their “Personas” – if they are to survive the horrors of the Dark Hour...

Persona 3 kicks off later this year with the first volume, which will be available in September at local comic book stores and various physical and online retailers. The Persona 3 manga is the latest addition to UDON’s comprehensive lineup of Persona books, which includes Persona 3 and Persona 4 art books as well as the previously mentioned Persona 4 manga series. Full press release below.

Zenescope Hits Motor City Comic Con with Robyn Hood: I Love NY

Zenescope Entertainment will be revealing printed cover art surrounding the newest adventures of the company’s favorite archer, Robyn Hood, at Motor City Comic Con May 13th-May 15th at Booth #303. The publisher will be releasing Limited Edition Cover Art Prints for Robyn Hood: I Love NY, which will hit shelves in June with four cover variants. In addition, at Motor City Comic Con, Zenescope will feature, US Veteran of War, bodybuilder and popular Robyn Hood cosplayer, Nora Aly.

Robyn Hood: I Love NY is an action-packed 12-issue series by Zenescope co-founder Joe Brusha, writer Lou Iovino, artist David Lorenzo Riveiro and colorist Grostieta, with letters by Ghost Glyph Studios. The series will feature covers by Jarreau Wimberly, David Lorenzo Riveiro, David Nakayama, Mike Mahle and much more. Full press release below.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Review - The Fist #1

"Enjoy the show."

Being an intergalactic wayfarer comes with its own set of risks. Doing that and being a top-notch fighter makes things even more interesting. The Fist #1 recounts the tale of one such fighter. The issue is written and illustrated by Jordan Kroeger.

Ryan North and Derek Charm Become Jughead in September

Ryan North and Derek Charm are big stars in the eyes of comic book readers. And come September, the two will be pooling their talents for new adventures of everyone's favorite slacker Jughead. The duo will continue in the direction created by Chip Zdarsky and Erica Henderson as they introduce Sabrina the Teenage Witch into the New Riverdale for the first time!

"Sabrina's interesting because she's literally magic. She is an actual witch in a world where witchcraft isn't known to be a real thing, and she's got this edge to her that you don't often see in Riverdale," said North on the addition of Sabrina to the series.

Jughead #9 will hit comic book shops on September 7th featuring variant covers from Veronica Fish and Audrey Mok.

Full press release below.

Valiant Summit 2016 Live from New York

Summer is nearly upon us. It's as good a time as any for Valiant to team up with New York's Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater for an exclusive live presentation revealing a massive round of breaking news for the largest independent superhero universe in comics. Valiant's second annual live-streaming media event #VALIANTSUMMER 2016 is an exclusive panel presentation broadcasting live from the UCB Theatre East in NYC on Tuesday, May 17th at 2 PM. Featuring a slate of major news and announcements for Valiant's celebrated publishing line and more, #VALIANTSUMMIT 2016 will feature appearances by superstar writers Jody Houser, Matt Kindt, Rafer Roberts and Fred Van Lente alongside Valiant CEO & Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani, Editor-in-Chief Warren Simons and Director of Marketing, Communications & Digital Media Hunter Gorinson.

Follow all of #VALIANTSUMMIT 2016's news and announcements as they happen with an exclusive live stream on the Periscope app at @ValiantComics or via Valiant's roster of broadcast partners, including VariantComics, Comicstorian, ComicsExplained and ComicPOP. And join the conversation on Twitter at the official @ValiantComics account or follow along with live coverage throughout #VALIANTSUMMIT 2016 from the industry's leading press outlets! Plus: Look for a series of exclusive post-game recaps of all of #VALIANTSUMMIT 2016's events with interviews, analysis, extras, and more from Variant Comics, Comicstorian, and a host of the hottest YouTube personalities in comics today.

Interested fans can RSVP at valiantsummit2016@valiantentertainment.com. Full press release below.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Review - Satellite Falling #1 (@IDWPublishing)

"If you're hearing this, I'm most likely dead."

Life as a bounty hunter has its ups and downs. The ups come with bringing in a big score, while the downs come with the realization that you're risking your life daily just to earn a living. Certain tools make the work easier--tools such as active camouflage in Satellite Falling #1 from IDW Publishing. The issue is written by Steve Horton, illustrated by Stephen Thompson, colored by Lisa Jackson and lettered by Neil Uyetake.

Preview - Penny Dreadful #1

Penny Dreadful has plenty of audiences enraptured in the stories of the macabre. Now, Titan Comics is bringing that universe to comics in Penny Dreadful #1. The issue features stories by Krysty Wilson-Cairns, Andrew Hinderaker and Chris King, art by Louie De Martinis and letters by Simon Bowland.

This prequel reveals the terrifying events that led Vanessa to try and find her missing childhood friend, Mina Harker, and exposes the true nature of the vampiric monsters infesting Victorian London. Check out the images below and the book in stores on May 11.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Review - Chum #1 (@ComixTribe)

"Kingsford Island. In the middle of the annual Bombora Surf Competition. At the start of one hell of a storm."

There's an allure about noir stories. It might be in that the characters (both male and female) all seem to be strong-willed and determined. Or it might be that the crimes themselves are relatively simple on their surfaces, but digging deeper finds that things just aren't that simple. Chum #1 from ComixTribe dives under the surface for a noir tale rife with complications. The issue is written by Ryan K. Lindsay, illustrated by Sami Kivela, colored by Mark Dale and lettered by Nic J. Shaw.

Renato Jones Reprints First Issue

Kaare Kyle Andrews has brought an occupy approach to comics in Renato Jones: The One %. It's been such a big hit that Image Comics is taking it back for a second printing. In Renato Jones: The One % #1, society’s upper one percent own more than half the world’s wealth. They’ve crashed economies, bought governments, and have amassed more power than any other group in history. And they still don’t have enough. With this kind of power how can anyone make them pay? WHO will make them pay? Enter Renato Jones, a mysterious vigilante, out to even the score. And when he enters the fray THE SUPER-RICH ARE SUPER F***ED.

Renato Jones: The One % #1 remains available for purchase. Renato Jones: The One % #1 2nd printing (Diamond Code MAR169020) will arrive in stores on Wednesday, June 1st. The Final Order Cutoff deadline for retailers is Monday, May 9th. Renato Jones: The One % #2 (Diamond Code APR160770) will hit stores on Wednesday, June 8th. The final order cutoff deadline for retailers is Monday, May 16th.

Full press release below.

Fight Club Breaks Out in Library

Chuck Palahniuk and Cameron Stewart seem to be onto something with Fight Club 2. The continuation of the original by Dark Horse has been quite the hit and while the ten-issue series concluded last month, that won't stop Dark Horse from still giving the series its due. The latest reverence comes in the form of an oversized, slipcased hardcover limited edition. It features a tip-in plate signed by Palahniuk, ninety pages of bonus content and a striking new cover by legendary artist David Mack.

Ten years after starting Project Mayhem, Sebastian lives a mundane life. A kid, a wife. Pills to keep his destiny at bay. But it won’t last long; the wife has seen to that. He’s back where he started, but this go-round he’s got more at stake than his own life. The time has arrived...

Fight Club 2 Library Edition is in stores October 5, 2016. Preorder your copy today at your local comic shop. Full press release below.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Review - King's Quest #1 (@DynamiteComics)

"MANNED rocket crashes? WAY worse. Especially when I'm manning 'em."

Comics have offered plenty of memorable characters throughout its illustrious history as a medium. Some of those characters persevere and stay at the forefront of reader's minds while others fall to the wayside here and there. Dynamite Entertainment is looking to give readers a glimpse at some old favorites united in King's Quest #1. The issue is written by Ben Acker and Heath Corson, illustrated by Dan McDaid, colored by Omi Remalante and lettered by Simon Bowland.

Groupees Teams Independents Together

Dynamite Entertainment, IDW, Image Comics and Oni Press are indie heavy-hitters. Each publisher has a slew of great books they can get behind, but Groupees seems to feel that fans should have access to books from all publishers at once. That's why they're teaming up for the cross-publisher, pay what you want "Bundle of Independents" that features approximately $300 worth of books. Those books come from talents such as Garth Ennis, Greg Rucka, Duane Swierczynski, Andy Diggle, Howard Chaykin, Peter Milligan, Andy Diggle, Jim Starlin, Jae Lee, Joshua Hale Fialkov, Tim Seeley, Jeff Lemire, Dustin Nguyen, Brian Wood, Rick Remender, Joe Hill, Sam Keith, Charles Soule, Cullen Bunn, and more.

"The comic industry continues to assert a major influence on pop culture worldwide, and independent graphic fiction from the likes of the talent assembled in this promotion is a big reason why," says Thomas Brooke. "We're thrilled to be showcasing these great storytellers and their books to our Groupees community and comic book fans worldwide."

"Dynamite has had great success with past bundles with Thomas and the Groupees team," says Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO/Publisher. "When Thomas asked us to bring in other publishers to create even more excitement, we thought it was a great idea. All three publishers who joined in agreed pretty quickly -- Image, IDW, and Oni -- all with distinct and incredible creators. This shows how publishers can work together. We couldn't be happier than creating a bundle to grow the readership for all companies involved. This bundle showcases some of comics' best creators and their original creations, in support of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund."

"This bundle brings together top talent and major publishers," says Jeff Webber, IDW's VP of Licensing, Digital and Subsidiary Rights. "It's a great way for new readers to sample some of the best books in the industry."

The first tier is unlocked with a $5.00 minimum contribution, while a $12.00 minimum minimum offers fans an additional batch of graphic novels, with even more available with a $25.00 or more contribution. The more fans contribute, the more it allows publishers and creators to continue to release cool comics. The $5.00 Tier includes 8 comics and collections, valued at an approximately $70 value. The $12.00 Tier features an additional 11 comics and collections, valued at approximately $100. The $25.00 Tier features even more - 16 additional graphic novels, at an approximate value of $135. And as tiers unlock, the following collections will be added to the bundles. Group bonuses will continue to be unlocked throughout the promotion, giving fans the chance to earn even more great graphic novels. A percentage of proceeds will go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, to help continue their efforts of protecting first amendment rights in the comic book industry.

"We're excited to be a part of this group effort to promote independent, creator-owned comics," says Jeremy Sullivan, Director of Digital Sales at Image Comics. "We're offering a great mix of new and now classic Image titles in hopes of attracting new fans to these simply incredible series, while also supporting the Comic Book Defense League Fund."

"We're pleased to be working with Groupees and these other publishers to provide a broad sample of what independent, creator owned comics has to offer," says Joe Nozemack, President of Oni Press. "This is a great collection of original content, representative of some of the best voices in the industry today, and we're thrilled to be a part of it."

Full press release below.

I Hate Fairyland Gets Colored

Skottie Young's take on fairytales in I Hate Fairyland is pretty ballistic. It's a great look at a somewhat tired formula and now Image Comics is taking it to the next step in I Hate Fairyland Adult Coloring Book this June 1. Grab your colored pencils and contribute your own creativity to the irreverent Alice in Wonderland meets Deadpool-style epic featuring Gert—a six-year-old girl who has been stuck in the magical world of Fairyland for thirty years and will hack and slash her way through anything to get home.

“The first arc of I Hate Fairyland was a smaller story in an endless world,” said Young. “Moving forward, I’m going start exploring that endless world with many more stories, adventures and characters. The best thing about making this book is there are no rules!” he added. “You can’t trust a book with no rules and that’s where it starts to get super fun."

I Hate Fairyland Adult Coloring Book (ISBN 9781632158482) hits comic book stores Wednesday, June 1 and bookstores Tuesday, June 7, and will be available for $12.99. I Hate Fairyland #6 Cover A by Young (Diamond code: APR160700) hits stores Wednesday, June 15. Explicit F*CK FAIRYLAND Cover B, also by Young, will also be available Wednesday, June 15. Final order cutoff deadline for retailers is Monday, May 23.

Full press release below.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Review - Weavers #1 (@boomstudios)

"Whatever you were...whatever agenda you got...you take my advice and you forget it right now."

Spider-man parlayed a youthful vigor and mature burden of guilt into a career of crime-fighting when bitten by the radioactive spider. Not everyone feels as compelled to do good in such situations though. Take Weavers #1 from BOOM! Studios for instance. The issue is written by Simon Spurrier, illustrated by Dylan Burnett, colored by Triona Farrell and lettered by Jim Campbell.

Casanova: Acedia Celebrates Ten Years

The team of Matt Fraction, Michael Chabon, Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon is certainly one full of talent. The four of them decided to put their talents to use this summer again in Casanova: Acedia #5, starting a new chapter in the series. Casanova Quinn doesn’t remember who he is or how he got here—the only thing he knows is an awful lot of people want him dead and the world might be ending.

Casanova: Acedia #5 Cover A (Diamond Code APR160677) and Cover B (Diamond Code MAR168905) hit stores on Wednesday, June 1. The Final Order Cutoff deadline for retailers is Monday, May 9. Casanova: Acedia Vol. 1 (ISBN: 978-1632154774), is available now. Full press release below.

Ryan Sook Coves 4001 A.D. with Interlocking Variants

4001 A.D. is poised to be big for Valiant. Huge even. And something that massive deserves an equally massive amount of attention which is why Valiant is tapping Ryan Sook for a series of covers that unite all four issues of the ambitious comics event. If the allure of Matt Kindt and Clayton Crain united on the work isn't enough to get you interested (and it most definitely should be), then this cover will!

One hundred years from today, Father – the benevolent artificial intelligence that governs the island nation of Japan – will gain sentience. To defend its borders, Father will take drastic action by launching Japan into space…where its people can thrive in isolation, away from the overpopulated and resource-deprived planet below. Over the centuries, as New Japan orbits our increasingly unstable world, it will become a model society – one built on peace, prosperity…and Father’s control. A thousand years from today, Father will create the first Rai, founding a lineage of technologically enhanced heroes engineered to defend New Japan and sworn to protect it from all enemies. For hundreds of years into the future, the Rai will single-handedly enforce New Japan’s justice well…and serve Father without question.

Now, at the dawn of 4001 A.D., the latest Rai is about to inherit the dark truth behind the origin of his kind…and discover the sinister secret at the heart of Father’s existence. For New Japan to live, Earth must die…and as Rai challenges his former master for the first time in more than a millennium, the lone guardian of New Japan will be cast out of his own Father’s kingdom… Exiled from the only realm he’s ever known, Rai now walks the ravaged world of 4001 A.D. in search of forgotten heroes like himself…on a mission to collect the last surviving legends of a broken planet…and to forge a rebellion with the power to bring the most advanced civilization in history crashing back down to Earth.

Full press release below.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Review - 4001 A.D. #1 (@ValiantComics)

"Father is willing to destroy the body to save the mind..."

There are more and more advances being made in terms of robotics. And--inevitably--we'll reach a point where robots will likely exceed our own capabilities. Whether that's good or not remains to be seen, but it's arguable that morality will come into question. All that is in play in 4001 A.D. #1 from Valiant. The issue is written by Matt Kindt, illustrated by Clayton Crain and David Mack and lettered by Dave Lanphear.