Friday, April 27, 2007

Acting lessons with Stan Lee

It seems that Marvel has taken the initiative to make some lucky adult's dream come true (its limited to ages 18 and up, so, you know). Currently, they're running a contest where you can enter a sweepstakes to get a walk-on role for an upcoming Marvel movie. Now, they don't specify the movie, or when it is, but, its still pretty friggin' cool that they're doing it. The Grand Prize includes economy roundtrip airfare for 2 to LA, 2 nights hotel accommodations, 3 day car rental and the walk-on role. Anyone that's in this for the chance of a free trip to LA is kind of insane. Anyways, enter if you want, and slightly lower my chance of winning. I won't hold it against you if you win (as long as you promise to take me with you when you go). Be In a Marvel Movie Sweepstakes

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
New Characters (Xbox 360)

Finally, after seemingly endless delays, fans of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance for the Xbox 360 get new downloadable content (DLC). The Heroes and Villains character packs have hit the Xbox Live Marketplace (at a price of 500 Points each pack, or 800 Points for both packs together). The Heroes (not to be confused with the show) pack gives you the ability to play Hulk, Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Hawkeye. The Villains pack (not to be confused with the non-existent show) gives you the ability to play Doom, Venom (yip), Sabertooth and Magneto (double yip). These new characters have that impact of giving you the chance to take your concept of an all-star team and blast it apart with the strength of a Cyclops Optic Blast. These characters are in addition to the other characters already included in the game. Those that are on the fence about getting this game, get off the fence and get it, as its definitely a kickass superhero game. But at this point, you may want to wait until May, when the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Gold Edition hits the streets, as these characters will be included from the start. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance DLC

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Review: Heroes ".07%"

After roughly a month long hiatus, Heroes has finally returned. Would it be met with the same fervor that it left fans with? Would it successfully continue the runaway train pace that it began to accumulate before its hiatus? Does my opinion really count that much? Who knows, but that’s what this blog’s for, so here goes.

Spoilers Ahead

Sylar and Peter face off, and Sylar kills Peter. Or does he? This episode served more as a discovery episode for all involved. Nathan learned that Linderman has a power (he can heal others), while Claire got to know her family a little more (most notably, spending time with her grandmother that wants to take her to Paris…fun).

Parkman and Radioactive Man get out of Primatech Paper (with some “thoughtful” assistance from Claire’s dad. They plan on taking the organization down, so that future heroes can live in peace, without the tracking and Superhero Registration Act (sorry…wrong storyline). Looks like they’re on the next bus to…you guessed it, New York City.

Meanwhile, Linderman wants Micah (for who knows what), and Hiro rips a hole in the space time continuum by bumping into himself 5 years into the future, which is apparently when the next episode takes place.

And finally, Sylar gets a nifty new power, as he kills Isaac, and takes his future painting power. He uses it to paint a perverse version of another image painted, where Nathan stands in the Oval Office as President (Sylar’s version has something like and ogre).

End Spoilers

Overall, this episode was fantastic. It wasn’t as powerful as the 2 or 3 episodes leading up to the hiatus, however, it did a great job of picking up where it left off. It’s interesting to see Parkman and Radioactive Man partnered with Mr. Bennett, and the Jessi/Nikki storyline took an interesting twist this week as well, as it seems she has some motivation to hate Mr. Linderman even more. Hiro got minimum screen time, which is fine, as it gave time to the other characters to flesh out the overall story a bit more.

There are only 4 chapters left, which kind of sucks, but such is the life of the serialized drama. It seems that Linderman (and now Nathan) want Peter to blow up New York City (as Linderman put it, its only 0.07% of the world’s population). The Sylar/Peter showdown was a little anti-climatic, but I can imagine they’re saving the fireworks till the end. It could be interesting, however, if Sylar gets the shapeshifting and nuclear abilities, and it’s actually him that blows up (as opposed to Peter). Could lead to a solid sophomore season of Heroes.

Rating: 9.2 out of 10.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kryptonite discovered

It looks like Superman may have a weakness. A scientist recently discovered a mineral with the chemical compound of sodium lithium boron silicate hydroxide, which meant nothing to the scientist at the time. However, web searches led him to find that that compound was the exact same compound as Kryptonite, the well-known weakness for Superman. Hopefully, the scientist was not funded by an egomaniacal bald man. Pocket full of Kryptonite

Friday, April 20, 2007

Dizzying classics from Vertigo

Sometimes lost in the massive empires that are Marvel and DC are the smaller comics publishers, that often put out stuff as good as (if not better) than their mainstream counterparts. The problem is, many of these classics in the making fall on blind eyes (that makes sense right...blind eye, deaf ears).

To help alleviate this problem, Vertigo (which is part of DC I know, but its the thought that counts) have made available first issues of many of their excellent works. And the best part is...THEY'RE FREE!!!!

That's right. Free and in tasty electronic form for your simple online perusal. Now obviously, this is just a glimpse, but with offerings such as Deadman, American Virgin and DMZ, you can't really go wrong. And of course, if you like what you're reading in the first issue, then check out the corresponding series. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised at what you're reading. Vertigo Classics

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Rorshach test?

The Watchmen is one of those projects that has toiled in production purgatory for years now, mainly due to Alan Moore's reluctance to have his works adapted to the big screen (even the stellar adaptation of V for Vendetta had him a tad perturbed). News on casting is scant, yet still remains on the mind of every fan of Moore's work.
Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) has been considered for a role in The Watchmen as none other than Rorschach. A recent interview with Daniel Robert Epstein (Suicide Girls) shed some light on a casting rumour regarding one of the more polarizing characters in The Watchmen.
DRE: "But you didn’t turn down Rorschach flat. "
Pegg: "No, I was never offered it. I think when it was in the hands of Paul Greengrass I had a better chance at maybe getting a casting because I know Paul and would have put my case across. But now that it is with [300 director] Zack Snyder, he’s going to have his own choices, but I think he’d be a fun guy to work with."
Definitely not a confirmation or denial of anything really, but its interesting that Pegg's name has been coming up in discussions. Rorshach is a character that has to be cast right, otherwise the entire movie will not work at all, and Pegg has the right amount of wit to pull off the role. It will be interesting to see if this story goes anywhere, as I'd be quite excited to see Pegg play Rorschach in the big screen adaptation.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Incredible Hulk Casting

So it seems that we have a winner in the casting race for Hulk in The Incredible Hulk sequel, and his name is Edward Norton.
While I can't say that I'm ecstatic that Norton was chosen for the role, I'm happy. Nothing against Ed, as he's a phenomenal actor. But Eric Bana was Bruce Banner as far as I'm concerned (although I know I'm in the minority of people that actually like the first Hulk movie by Ang Lee). But Norton clearly has the "being a big monster" role down pretty well.
The story supposedly regards the Hulk and his attempt to cure his condition while be hunted by would-be captors (isn't that what everyday life is like for most of us)?
Stay tuned for more details.


Avid readers of this here blog may have noticed a serious gap in postings. For that, I apologize. It's been a pretty crazy past month. Visitors, travel, and everything else in between.
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