G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra - Ripcord

G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra is the next installment of my childhood to get the feature film treatment with the film's release August 7. Because the 80s were such a long time ago and you might not remember who was in your staged Joe/Cobra fights in your backyard, Omnicomic is profiling each character in the upcoming film. So sit back, read on and get reacquainted with some old friends. Real Name: Corporal Wallace A. Weems First Appearance: Marvel G.I Joe #32 & cartoon (1984) Actor: being played by Marlon Wayans Specialty: Ripcord’s name comes from the fact that before joining the G.I Joe team he was in the Airborne Infantry and became the Joe’s HALO jumper. His secondary specialty is demolitions. Background: Born in Columbus, Ohio, Ripcord joined the Civilian Air Patrol and later on became a sky diving fanatic. Because of his quick wit and sense of humor, Ripcord is essential to keeping morale up among his fellow Joes. He is good friends with fellow G.I. Joe Duke as they both served together before joining the team. Ripcord is hardworking and confident in his abilities and has a cool, collective head on his shoulders when in a fight. He is trained and skilled in the use of the M-16, M1911A1Auto Pistol, Carl Gustav 9mm Parabellum and the Browning high-power rifle. Check out the other profiles for the characters in the movie. And then make sure to choose a side. Baroness Breaker Cobra Commander Cover Girl Destro Duke General Hawk Heavy Duty Scarlett Snake Eyes Storm Shadow Zartan