G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra - Cobra Commander

G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra is the next installment of my childhood to get the feature film treatment with the film's release August 7. Because the 80s were such a long time ago and you might not remember who was in your staged Joe/Cobra fights in your backyard, Omnicomic is profiling each character in the upcoming film. So sit back, read on and get reacquainted with some old friends. Real Name: Unknown First Appearance: G.I. Joe #1 (1982), Marvel Comics Actor: Surprising cast job (although I like it)- Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He was the teenager on 3rd Rock from the Sun, among other parts. Specialty: Intelligence, Experimental Weaponry Background: Originally, Cobra Commander was a ‘man with no name’ whose identity was never to be revealed. Different continuities in comic books and animated shows have given different spins on the character’s background, ranging from a scientist belonging to a prehistoric race leading a vanguard of an invasion geared towards re-establishing that race’s foothold as the world’s dominant species, to- believe it or not- a disillusioned, used car salesman who goes on to establish his own terrorist cell. Cobra Commander is often depicted as overzealous, overconfident, and militarily…untalented. His grand designs often have a strategy to them, but his work on the battlefield lacks finesse. He tends to disseminate tasks to his followers, but take credit for their successes and blame them for his failures. Either way, the ‘Commander’ is responsible for establishing the international terrorist group known as Cobra and is bent on dominating the world’s resources. Sowing chaos in politically fragile regions of the world, Cobra hopes to take advantage of military confusion and nation’s uprisings, stepping in when the dust has settled to establish a new world order. Among C.C.’s adopted methods is the kidnapping of scientists, experimental technology, and even quasi-mystical power sources- all for the purpose of spreading destruction and destroying the firmament of society, so that Cobra can build a new one. Quote: “COBRA!” (what else would I write here!?) Check out the other profiles for the characters in the movie. And then make sure to choose a side. Baroness Breaker Cover Girl Destro Duke General Hawk Heavy Duty Ripcord Scarlett Snake Eyes Storm Shadow Zartan