G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra - General Hawk

G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra is the next installment of my childhood to get the feature film treatment with the film's release August 7. Because the 80s were such a long time ago and you might not remember who was in your staged Joe/Cobra fights in your backyard, Omnicomic is profiling each character in the upcoming film. So sit back, read on and get reacquainted with some old friends. Real Name: Clayton M. Abernathy First Appearance: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #1 (June 1982) Actress: Dennis Quaid Specialty: The top of his class at West Point, Hawk's specialty is unfaltering leadership and earned respect. His intelligence (both on the battlefield and off) matches exceptionally well with his desire to be in the thick of it. He rarely hesitated jumping into the combat fray if that's what is necessary to preserve the Joes and fight for America. Background: Hawk wasn't always the Commanding Officer of the Joes. His ascension to the role was the result of the creator and former leader of the Joes' General Lawrence J. Flagg's death at the hands of Major Bludd. Needless to say, Hawk made the most of the opportunity and ran the Joes from the Pit (G.I. Joe headquarters). As a result of his newfound leadership position, Hawk has since relegated field command to Duke, probably the best known Joe and de facto second-in-command. Hawk has faced his share of trials and tribulations involving the Joes. Faced with the risk of being shut down, he lobbies three high-ranking military officers in the Pit to keep the Joes running. During the meeting Android Troopers attack, killing a general and admiral in the fight. As part of the tenacious defense, Hawk quickly earns the respect of the surviving general, who vows to keep the Joes running. This would prove valuable in the capture of Destro. Destro made a deal to help the Joes capture Cobra Commander in exchange for his freedom, however, things didn't go according to plan. Cobra Commander attacked to rescue Destro and in the process shot Hawk in the waist. The bullet lodged in his spine and left him paralyzed from the waist down. Such an action would of course only intensify his hatred for Cobra Commander, however it was later revealed that it was actually Zartan who shot him as a result of switching places with Cobra Commander. Hawk would never know this though. Since that event, Hawk has been undergoing physiotherapy and is rarely seen. Command of the Joes has been turned over to General Joseph Colton, however Hawk does return as an advisor to the team. Determined to find Cobra Commander, he finally gets his chance and, using Velocity's jetpack, does so. The President asks Colton and Hawk to continue leading the newly (and fully) reactived team. Cobra Commander would warn Hawk that if war breaks out he'll have Cobra Commander to thank, to which Hawk responds "Maybe Commander. But understand this: no matter what happens...you won't be taking part in any of it." Check out the other profiles for the characters in the movie. And then make sure to choose a side. Baroness Breaker Cobra Commander Cover Girl Destro Duke Heavy Duty Ripcord Scarlett Snake Eyes Storm Shadow Zartan