Monday, December 31, 2007

Last post for the week

So tomorrow is New Year's Day, which means I have the day off from my full-time job. It also means I'll be headed out for vacation for the week, so I won't be doing anymore posts the remainder of this week. I know, I know. It hurts. But I'll be back next Monday on the same schedule, bringing you four posts a day of comic news (until I can find a way to do this job full time, in which case I can do more than four posts). So enjoy the New Year's, and I'll be back Monday.

New Arrivals: January 2, 2008

New England Comics doesn't have their arrivals list ready yet, and I won't be around later this week to post with them (more on that next post), so I'm going back to the Diamond Distributors list (which has been spiffed up quite a bit) for new arrivals this Wednesday. They should be due out Thursday (or Friday) due to New Year's Day, but I could be mistaken. Anyways, the pick for this week is Shark-Man from Image Comics. Alan Gaskill is tasked with preserving the order and sanctity of his underwater city, New Venice, off the coast of California when a cancer begins spreading from within. Will he risk everything to save his city? Well, he may even risk his family, so it looks like he's serious. Enjoy. New Arrivals: January 2, 2008

The Incredible Hulk stills

Just keeping things simple today kids, as its a slow news day it seems. Above is one of the first official released images from Universal Studios, and yes, its from The Incredible Hulk. Enjoy Ed Norton in all his Bruce Banner goodness.

New Iron Man still

Not much to say about the above other than its a still from the upcoming Iron Man film. All told, it looks pretty good, if you like tall, cyborg humans that are jackasses (sorry, Civil War actions still linger). This movie is looking good though, so you can't go wrong with that.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Fantastic Four en Espanol

According to the NY Metro, In what is a first in comic book history, Mavel has just released a bilingual issue of Fantastic Four called Fantastic Four: Isla de la Muerte!. What fun-filled adventures await everyone's favorite foursome in lovely Puerto Rico? Guess you'll just have to check it out to see. Among other things, the Fantastic Four will be facing El Chupacabra, and maybe Davey Jones since the island was featured heavily in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. If you need to get your Marvel fix in Spanish, I'd guess this is the way to go. Los Cuatro Fantasticos: Isla de la Muerte!

Top Cow Pilot Season on Myspace

We're rapidly approaching a scenario where just about all comics will be online. I'm not one to argue with which medium is better, print or online, but it seems that just about everything print is slowly going the way of the dinosaur. No, newspapers aren't going to be destroyed by a giant meteor (I know that's not been proven, but its the scenario with most support), rather, online publications are going to replace written publications. In that light, Top Cow has produced five new comics called Pilot Season, and have posted them on Myspace now for free reading. The comics include Angelus, Ripclaw, Cyblade, Necromancer and Velocity. After you read each of them, you can head over to Top Cow and vote on the one comic you'd like to see printed on a regular basis by Top Cow. There's some good looking stuff to read, and Top Cow clearly knows comics, so you know you're in for quality. And its all free, which is the best part. You can either read them online or download them for later reading enjoyment. Top Cow Pilot Season Five Issues free on Myspace

Everyone likes Heath Ledger

I think its awesome the praise being heaped upon Heath Ledger for his portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight. But it makes me even happier to see that its not just fans freaking out. MTV News (again, the bastion of journalism that it is) has some comments from some pretty big heavy-hitters in the world of comics and filmmaking. Guillermo del Toro says "every time I see more of Heath Ledger's Joker, I like it more. That's a good sign because if something is going the wrong wa on they, the more you see about it, the less you ingratiate yourself with it." Paul Dini, one of the writers for the critically acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series said that with the Joker's "attitude is mordant and sardonic as opposed to manic. No goofy gags or puns for him. This Joker doesn't split sides ... he splits skulls." And what does Jeph Loeb have to say? "I was never a big Nicholson fan. Ledger however feels just about right. I eagerly anticipate more!" Its been said before, but I can say it again. This movie (and the role of Joker) are in very capable hands. Big guns rave about Ledger

Gambit finally in a movie?

Word out of the Sunday Star-Times is that Gambit may finally make his way into a big screen film. That film is none other than Wolverine. The Sunday Star-Times had an article about Bailey Chase in negotiations to play a role in Wolverine, portraying a character "about 30 years old, a charming southern guy on the surface but he's got some ulterior motives going on underneath." If that doesn't scream Gambit, I don't know what does. All I know is that it will be awesome to finally see the Rajun' Cajun on the big screen. Gambit in Wolverine?

Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Arrivals: December 28, 2007

Its pretty hard to pick anything this week but Amazing Spider-Man 545, so I'm picking that one for my pick of the week. Its the conclusion (delayed, but here finally) to the One More Day storyline, and I think the cover gives you a pretty good indication of what happens. Enjoy. New Arrivals: December 28, 2007

Who's the next Captain America?

The Captain America reboot begins next year, and its a somewhat unique reboot because Marvel will have a new Captain America defending, well, America. But who will don the red, white and blue? Marvel has a few ideas (they are a house full of them after all). Marvel has a short list of who has the potential to play Captain America. Who's on that list (and what are their odds)? I'm glad you asked:
  • Hawkeye 10-1
  • Winter Soldier 25-1
  • US Agent 30-1
  • Union Jack 50-1
  • Iron Man 50-1
  • The Red Skull 1000-1
Obviously, the odds are in favor of Hawkeye. But it would be phenomenally awesome if they made Iron Man to be the new Cap, and living a triple life (I don't know if that's ever been done in comics before). And it would just add to Iron Man's character even more, because he won the Civil War, vanquished Captain America and then becomes him, uniting the superheros under one banner. I'd trust Alex Ross to write that kind of story. Who's the next Captain America?

Batman Begins in the Batcave

I've seen some elaborate home theater setups. Not content with just having a TV and some chairs, many individuals will go to great lengths to make their home theater setup as nice as nice can be. But this one This has got to be the awesomest when it comes to home theater setups. Slashfilms has some pics of a home theater setup created by DC Audio Video Systems out of New Hampshire. On the techie side, it has a 110" 16:9 Stewart Electriscreen, Triad Silver THX speakers, and a Sony G90 (a $36,000 1080p 2500x2000 CRT projector). On the design side, there's eight black, leather, motorized recliners, a LiteTouch LC5000 lighting control system, and prop bats hanging from the ceiling. Awesome. Batcave Home Theater

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army trailer

Welcome back to the best comic blog on the Internets, Omnicomic! Hopefully everyone had holidays filled with whatever it is they wanted them filled with, and the rest was relaxing. Not everyone was resting however, as the lovable Guillermo del Toro decided to put the trailer for Hellboy 2: The Golden Army online for public consumption. I've checked it out, and it looks quite tasty. del Toro is keeping the same feel from the first one, which is good, because the first one worked out well. I haven't read the comics, so I can't really say if he's keeping true to the books, but it still looks great. And it has George Micheal Bluth in it, so you can't go wrong with that (anything with a cast member from Arrested Development instantly gets my attention). So head on over to the official website to get a look at the awesome looking trailer, or check it out below (in lower resolution but more convenient goodness), and keep anticipating how great a comic movie summer 2008 will have. Hellboy 2: The Golden Army trailer

Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays

Well, Omnicomic has come a long way. This right here, this is post number 500, and I figured it would be perfect to use it to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays. Have a good Christmas, and enjoy the time doing whatever. I'll be back posting on Thursday, so feel free to check out some of the archives if you're dying for that Omnicomic fix in the meantime. And please allow Madame Mirage to wish you a happy holidays as well. If she were, you know, real, then it would be a truly happy holiday indeed (if you were on her good side and she didn't want to kill you, which should could probably do with very little effort)..

Preview: Justice League: The New Frontier Special

In honor of the upcoming DVD release of Justice League: The New Frontier (see my earlier post for the trailer), DC has a comic in the pipeline that will be somewhat of a supplement to the movie. The collection features never before seen stories including "New Frontier: The Lost Chapter." Darywn Cooke provides the script and art (with help from J. Bone and David Bullock), and the tale looks at Faraday's quest to outlaw masked vigilantes up to and including Superman traveling to Gotham City to confront Batman. There are also two back-up stories featuring Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Sgt. Rock and others, and of course behind-the-scenes bonus material for the movie. Justice League: The New Frontier hits stores March 5, 2008 (a week after the DVD release) and will cost you $4.99 and come in at $4.99. Preview: Justice League: The New Frontier Special

Justice League: New Frontier Trailer

And the hits from DC just keep on coming. February 26, 2008, will see the release of the next animated Justice League film, but in the meantime you can check out the trailer below. Looking good, if I do say so myself.

No More Heroes comic book manual

Growing up playing video games I was never a gamer to meticulously read through the instruction manual to learn how to play the game. I'd rather play it and teach myself what the controller layout is, how systems within the game work, and things like that. Yes, this did allow for me to jump into the gaming action that much faster, but it also meant I could potentially play half the game doing things the extremely difficult way when had I looked at the manual I would've figured out there was an easier way to do it. Grasshopper Manufacture wants to make sure you read their manual for No More Heroes, as its created to be a comic book. Ubisoft picked up the rights to this game for the stateside release, and the Japanese version's manual is all panels and dialogue. According to scans over at Silicon Era, you learn by reading the mini-series within the instruction booklet. Gone are the traditional picture of a controller with controls pointed out. Gone are how points are earned, or how the game plays out. Instead, you get a delightful little comic that teaches you how to play, and just rocks because its a comic. No More Heroes Comic Manual

Zuda Comics hits its stride

This Zuda Comics thing has really taken off. Some of the comics you can current read online include Bayou and Bobby and Peter Timony's Night Owls. And of course, Zuda Comics is in full voting mode, so you can vote on which comics will be offered a contract to produce their work for more than just a pat on the back from friends and family. My vote is for The Mundane Overrated Misadventures of Spudman. But I like potatoes, so I'm kind of biased on that one. Zuda Comics

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Guarantee Miranda's Mercury when it hits

Archaia Studios Press wants to make sure you get your copy of what they're proclaiming a surefire hit in Miranda's Mercury when it hits stores this February. How will they guarantee this? By giving you a coupon to take in to your local comic book store to make sure they order it. So print it out, take it to a store, and eagerly (but patiently) wait for this series to start in February. Miranda's Mercury voucher

Comics on the Washington Post A-List

Its getting to be that time of year again, where everyone does lists. Top lists, best lists, worst lists, lists of lists. Anything can be listed, and just about everyone has there own list (maybe I'll throw up some Omnicomic lists, but we'll see). The Washington Post has their own list as well, and part of the list are their top rated comics of 2007. Its interesting to note that DC pretty much owns the list, with 5 of the 9 coming from DC Comics/Vertigo. Who's on the list?
  • Army@Love , No. 1 By Rick Veitch and Gary Erskine, Vertigo/DC Comics, $2.99
  • Aya By Marguerite Abouet and ClĂ©ment Oubrerie, Drawn & Quarterly, $19.95
  • Beyond! By Dwayne McDuffie and Scott Kolins, Marvel, $19.99
  • Exit Wounds By Rutu Modan, Drawn & Quarterly, $19.95
  • Luxuria: Casanova, Vol. 1 By Matt Fraction and Gabriel Ba, Image, $24.99
  • The Other Side By Jason Aaron and Cameron Stewart, Vertigo, $12.99
  • The Plain Janes By Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg, Minx/DC Comics, $9.99
  • Sentences: The Life of M.F. Grimm By Percy Carey and Ronald Wimberly, Vertigo/DC Comics, $19.99
  • Silverfish By David Lapham, Vertigo/DC Comics, $24.99

Washington Post Top Comics of 2007

New Iron Man footage during Super Bowl

Did you know Jerome Bettis is from Detroit? That's the only thing I learned from Super Bowl XL, because everything seemed to revolve around Bettis playing in the Super Bowl in Detroit, which is where he grew up. So I'm glad to see the movie studios falling over themselves this year to fill dead times like those with movie previews. Including Paramount. Variety reports that we will see a new trailer for Iron Man during the Super Bowl in February, as if I need any more reason to be hyped for this movie. The trailer that's already out really just shows what happens in probably the first 5 minutes of the movie, so maybe this time around we'll get a little more meat. No word if a trailer for The Incredible Hulk will be previewed as well, but one can dream. And if the Super Bowl is going to feature the team that I'm pretty sure it will feature, I think I'll need to have something else to look forward to. Iron Man going to the Super Bowl

Marlon Wayans in G.I. Joe?

Ok, this is starting to get ridiculous. When news of a live action G.I. Joe movie broke, information was slim. Then we got a director (Stephen Sommers) and a budget, then a story, and then one or two cast members. Now it seems like everyday a new actor is being added to the mix (which I guess makes sense considering there are like a trillion different characters). The newest to be added? Marlon Wayans. Blackfilm reports that Marlon Wayans has been added as Heavy Duty, an aspiring chef who compensates for his inability to be in the kitchen by knowing just about everything there is to know about heavy weapons systems. I'm not quite sure a Wayans brother (let alone Marlon) is the way to go with this character, because he's basically going to have to live in the gym for a while. But what do I know. And of course all I can think of is "Who wants a body massage?" from the PSA spoof. Update: IESB is reporting that It has been confirmed that this role has gone to Akinnuoye-Agbaje (The Bourne Identity, Get Rich or Die Tryin'). I'd say this is good news, because I don't really think I could take the same guy that played the lead in Little Man seriously as Heavy Duty. Marlon Wayans cast in G. I. Joe

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New York Comic Con Tickets

Its hard to believe that the third annual New York Comic Convention is right around the corner, but whether or not you believe it doesn't change the fact that its true. The weekend of April 18-20 will see the Jacob K. Javits Center play host to New York Comic Con 2008. I'm glad to see they decided to move it to a slightly warmer month (as opposed to having it in the ass-cold February of this year). Weekend passes are $45, Friday and Sunday (1-day) passes are $30 and Saturday passes are $35. This is a show I definitely try and make if I can, and I'd highly recommend you do the same if possible. It has all the requisite convention goodies, so you're definitely missing out if you don't go (NY Comic Con 2007 had the yummy Jessica Chobot dressed as Bullet Witch). New York Comic Con Tickets

Grendel contest

Dark Horse is really fond of contests, which works out well for the fan. So leave it to them to host another contest in honor of Matt Wagner's newly released mini-series Grendel: Behold the Devil. Its a simple entry form to get entered into the contest. Not much effort on your part (other than entering your contact info). The prizes? Prize Pack 1
  • Grendel limited edition print
  • Art of Grendel HC (signed by Matt Wagner)
  • Grendel Archives HC
  • Grendel: Devil by the Dead HC
  • Grendel: Behold the Devil #0, #1, #2
Prize Pack 2
  • Art of Grendel HC (signed by Matt Wagner)
  • Grendel Archives HC
  • Grendel: Devil by the Dead HC
  • Grendel: Behold the Devil #0, #1, #2
Check it out, and enter if you're interested. Couldn't hurt. Dark Horse Grendel Contest

Yet another The Dark Knight poster

Got another poster for The Dark Knight for you viewing pleasure. Its interesting how this is becoming all about the Joker, now that people know Heath Ledger will be able to pull it off. That's pretty good, considering the first Batman was also all about the Joker (and Jack Nicholson, which is good company).

G.I. Joe gets more go

So far, we know that Ray Park is going to be Snake Eyes, which is awesome. Paramount Pictures has just dropped word on two other roles that have been filled. And IESB has the word. According to IESB, Byung-Hun Lee (Hero, The Good, The Bad and the Weird) has been cast as Storm Shadow. Yes, the Storm Shadow. So between his and Park's martial arts abilities, you have the makings of something spiffy. Also rumored to be thrown into the mix is Rachel Nichols (The Woods, Shopgirl) as Scarlett, but that's not quite as confirmed as Lee's casting. In any case, this movie is really starting to shape up quite nicely, and I'm eager to see what Stephen Sommers does with it. Byung-Hun Lee and Rachel Nichols added to G.I. Joe

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Arrivals: December 19, 2007

The pick this week comes to us straight from Arcana Studio, Eve Vampire Diva #1. The premise behind this is pretty crazy (or normal I guess), as it follows Eve, a werewolf/witch/rogue vampire hunter at night and Jessica Evelyn Murphy, her pop princess alter ego during the day. Definitely not for everyone out there but hey, you never know. Enjoy. New Arrivals: December 19, 2007

IDW picking up two more comics

IDW Publishing must be loving life right now. They've recently cashed in on 30 Days of Night and the re-release of the I Am Legend graphic novel. They judged created superheroes on an episode of Beauty and the Geek. And now they've got two new comics in the pipeline. The first is Rogue Angel: Teller of Tall Tales, debuting February 2008. Written by Barbara Randall Kesel, the 5-issue miniseries will follow Anja Creed, an archaeologist who is the heir apparent to Joan of Arc's sword. Kesel writes of a tale where Anja ends up in Virginia City, stumbling upon something that could change the perception of Mark Twain. Renae de Liz illustrates with Ray Dillon coloring (stay in the lines Ray) and Rebecca A. Wrigley will provide the covers (with the requisite variant cover by Tim Bradstreet). The second (also a 5-issue miniseries) is The Executioner: The Devil's Tools. Written by Douglas Wojtowicz, The Executioner: The Devil's Tools will follow Mack Bolan, The Executioner. And this one is all about the symbolism, as Bolan is pitted against enemies representative of the Executioner's many conflicts, ranging from war against the Mafia to battling the KGB. SL Gallant does interiors with Luis Antonio Delgado coloring, and Rebecca A. Wriglel pulls double duty here as she's doing the covers. IDW Editor Tom Waltz agrees, stating, “We’re definitely on the same page, no doubt about it. I’ve been a huge fan of the Mack Bolan prose stories for many years, so I was ecstatic when IDW President Ted Adams gave me the green light to approach Gold Eagle about the Executioner license. Things got even better when Gold Eagle not only showed an excited interest in bringing Bolan’s adventures into the comic book realm, but Annja Creed’s (a.k.a. Rogue Angel) as well. Rogue Angel was a new title for me when we started this process, but one I’ve quickly come to dig as much as the Bolan books, and I’m proud as heck to be part of the team that will bring these fascinating pulp heroes to comic book and graphic novel readers everywhere. Working with Gold Eagle has been wonderful, and our talented creators are churning out awesome stories and artwork. I can’t wait for fans, old and new, to see what we have to offer.” IDW picks up two more comics

Emmy Rossum set to play Bulma

So count me among those that's still a little leery of how a live action Dragonball movie will work. I mean yeah, the show is all about endless dialogue peppered with five minute over the top fights battles, but still not something I see that easily translates onto the live big screen. In any case, we know who's playing Goku (Justin Chatwin) and Piccolo (James Marsters), and now the third of what could be considered the main characters has been cast. Variety reports that Emmy Rossum has been cast as Bulma. A quick IMDB check shows that she's been in a few movies, movies such as Mystic River, Poseidon and The Day After Tomorrow. I don't really remember her from any of those movies, so I'm not sure how she'll be in the role of Bulma. But all you've really got to do to get that role is be assertive and somewhat nagging, and I think you've got it down. Emmy Rossum cast as Bulma

Speed Racer poster

Here you go kids, your Speed Racer movie poster. Apparently the movie is being brought to you by the same guys that brought you the Matrix trilogy, which was really only one good movie. But hey, if they think advertising Speed Racer in conjunction with an overrated and overbudget sci-fi trilogy is the way to go, then more power to 'em.

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Dark Knight trailer available

So I saw the prologue for The Dark Knight with I Am Legend, and I was, of course, smitten with it. (You really should go out of you way to see it, or read my description of it with my review of I Am Legend). However, those that saw the movie in non-IMAX format got to see a different trailer, one of the two minute variety, and its not online. The site, aptly named "A Taste for the Theatrical" has the trailer in glorious HD. So head over there now and watch it. Multiple times. A Taste for the Theatrical

Preview: Wolverine: Firebreak One-Shot

So everyone knows that Wolverine is blessed with heightened senses. He can smell awlways Sabretooth whenever he's around, and can hear a pin drop from miles away. So he might take his incredible eye sight for granted, until of course he realizes he doesn't have it anymore. In Wolverine: Firebreak One-Shot, Wolverine is temporarily blinded and must lead a vacationing family out of the woods, relying only on his remaining four senses. All the while dealing with a visit from Advance Idea Mechanics. Fun times. Wolverine: Firebreak One-Shot is written by Mike Carey, with pencils/cover by Scott Kolins, and coloring by William Baumann. Check for it in stores December 19 for $3.99. Preview: Wolverine: Firebreak One-Shot

New LEGO Batman images

Toscali Games has some new images from the upcoming LEGO Batman game. They're not the best quality, but still let you know what to expect: a humurous LEGO take on the world of Batman and Gotham City. LEGO Batman images

Review: I Am Legend

When a book has been made into two different movies (The Omega Man and The Last Man on Earth), and neither of them have been considered groundbreaking (or even good for that matter), you have to wonder if the third one would be worth making. So you’d have to wonder if the newest incarnation of adapting the book would be any better, and would Will Smith really help it if it wasn’t better. My thoughts? It was interesting. But first, the review of IMAX trailer for The Dark Knight. Spoilers are ahead (obviously), so read on if you don’t mind. There’s also a lot of recap from the book, so if you’ve already read it I’m sorry to bore you with the details, but there kind of important in comparing the two works. The Dark Knight. Holy crap. The opening sequence really did a fantastic job characterizing the Joker as completely maniacal and insane. The bank heist was designed to show that the Joker only cares about getting the money he wants, as he told everyone to kill the other person once they completed their job within the job. After dealing with an unruly bank manager (and killing all other accomplices), he puts a grenade in the guy’s mouth with one end of a string tied to the pin, and the other end to the Joker. When the bus drives off, the string pulls out the pin, and the grenade goes off, but its only smoke. But you first think its going to be so much more, which really drives the point home that Heath Ledger’s Joker is beyond f’ed up.

After the Joker made his grand escape in a school bus (which may seem obvious to spot until you see he merges into a caravan of other school buses), the trailer cuts to scenes of Batman riding his bike through the streets, and Gordon reluctantly smashing the Bat Signal. I cannot, CANNOT wait for this movie. Now, on to I Am Legend. First off, this movie is loosely based on the book, which isn’t the end of the world, but it does have an impact. The virus that spreads throughout the world is a side effect of a cure for cancer, and it kills 90% of the world’s population. 1% are immune, and the others are eaten by the Dark Seekers (those infected that survived). In the movie, Dr. Robert Neville (Will Smith) is the man that is struggling to find a cure for the Killer Virus (KV), and is a decorated Lt. Colonel in the Air Force (at least he was). He spends his days broadcasting to others out there that he’s safe and has food and shelter for other survivors. He attempts to trap some of the Dark Seekers so he can study the effects of the virus and his blood (which is immune).

He starts off with his dog, Sam, who is really his only companion for the bulk of the movie, but he loses Sam when it becomes a vampire dog after being bitten by a vampire dog. He attempts conversation with dummies that have been arranged (most likely by him) throughout the town, just to maintain his humanity. The vampires are also relatively smart, as they set a similar trap to the one they saw him set to catch on them for clinical trials. Two other survivors find him from his radio transmissions, and the movie ends with them carrying a cure to a colony of survivors in Vermont, as Neville dies to buy the time by throwing a grenade to take out the swarms that infiltrated his home. The ending was kind of cool, as the lead vampire (presumably Ben Cortman) kept ramming the plexiglass, and right as Neville realized he was going to detonate the grenade, he rammed at Cortman as well, and set of the grenade.

The book was much more about society and humans in general. Matheson did a masterful job of characterizing Neville as a somewhat broken man. He labored over every decision he made in the book (whether he should drink, what to eat, if it was ok to masturbate). And Cortman constantly called him out and taunted him, as he knew where Neville lived. Neville moved from being passive about his situation (just getting drunk as the vampires screamed outside his window), to investigating what killed them, and what made them tick. After that, he decided to investigate the actual cause of the mutation, and taught himself biology and the mechanics of the mutation, and even found a cure.

In the book, Neville’s pain was so much more pronounced, as it seemed that things really only went from bad to worse for him. He finds the dog which gives him some companionship, but the dog does die, leaving him lonely again. He didn’t burn his wife as was protocol with the infected, but buried her, and later had to kill her since she reawoke as a vampire. He finds another survivor, a woman who he thinks needs saving, and it kills Neville because he has strong sexual urges for her, but wonders if sleeping her would violate his relationship with his wife (even though she’s dead). She turns out to be a spy for the vampires that lets them all in, and they capture him and throw him in a cell, deciding what to do with him. The book ends with him in the cell, overlooking the swarms of vampires who view him as a legend, as he has killed so many of their kind.

Lawrence tried to work some of the aspects of the book into the movie. Bob Marley and his “teachings” were an important part of the movie, as it was through those that the ideas of unity and help were channeled. To me, it seemed those were just kind of tacked on to appease readers of the book, and to show that it wasn’t just another science fiction story about vampires. The movie was a Hollywood adaptation of a book that probably wouldn’t have made as financially successful a movie as the one that made it into theaters. It seems that the movie really only used the title just to associate it with the book, as it’s really only loosely based on the book of the same name.

I thought the movie was good (not stellar or anything), but it’s a different feeling than the book, and the book in my opinion is a much better presentation of what Richard Matheson was trying to say about society and humans in general. I’m not saying anything bad about Smith, because I think he played an isolated, broken man excellently. It was just a different Robert Neville than what was portrayed in the book, and I just feel that Matheson did a better job characterizing and humanizing Neville than Francis Lawrence. If you’ve read the book, you’ll probably be slightly disappointed by the rather larger disparities in the film when compared to the book. But overall, I’d recommend it. At the very least, you get some action from The Dark Knight out of it.

Overall Score: 75 out of 100

Friday, December 14, 2007

New The Dark Knight poster

I'll end this day on a Batman note. A new poster has been released for The Dark Knight and oh my God does it look amazing. And I don't think I'm being overzealous on this one. Unless of course the fact that I just want to see this movie so much makes me think anything related to it is better than it actually is.

Posting today

I probably won't get to the 11 AM and 1 PM posts today (many meetings at work). I should have the 3 PM post up, but in the mean time enjoy The Dark Knight trailer (posted earlier). And Psylocke.

The Dark Knight Trailer

I'm not encouraging you to not go see I Am Legend because seeing this trailer on the big screen will still be badass as all hell. But if you can't wait, here you go. The trailer for The Dark Knight. Be warned its of the shaky, camera variety. Update: The video has been taken down (big surprise there). The official release of it should be on Monday, so I'll have the cleaner, crisper version posted as soon as its available.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Go new Speed Racer, go!

Leave it to an impending big-screen adaptation to bring a new Speed Racer comic into the world. Coming in January, IDW will debut Speed Racer: Chronicles of the Racer, a monthly mini-series that will tell the stories of Racers over various generations. "There hasn't been a Speed Racer in comics at least five years, and we're taking it in a direction that it has never gone before," says Chris Ryall, IDW publisher and editor-in-chief. "These stories expand the entire Speed Racer legend. We look at the Speed Racers of the past-incarnations throughout history, from the Roman times to the medieval era, and even the swashbuckling high seas." Arie Kaplan will be behind the creative duties, with Robby Musso pulling his weight with the art. The first issue will have two special covers, one by Alex Garner (variant cover) and the other by E. J. Su (retailer incentive cover). Look for the new series to debut in January 2008. IDW to bring new life to Speed Racer in January

Confessions of a Superhero

When you hear the word "confessions," chances are there are a handful things you think of. If you're Catholic, you think of confession. If you watch Cinemax late, then you think of some variation of porn where someone is confessing something. Coming in January, however, when you hear confessions, you'll think of something altogether entirely new. Confessions of a Superhero is a documentary by Matt Ogens that looks at the lives of three men and one woman, making their living as superhero characters. Not characters for parties or anything like that, but on Hollywood Boulevard. Christopher Dennis is Superman, Jennifer Gehrt is Wonder Woman, Maxwell Allen is Batman and Joe McQueen is the Incredible Hulk. The documentary looks at the hardships and obstacles that the four face in their quest to be the best superheroes around. Ogens is an Emmy nominated producer/director, and with production help from Jaime Patricof and Charlie Gruet, Confessions of a Superhero should be interesting to say the least. It officially came out November 2, 2007, but I believe the DVD is due out in January. Confessions of a Superhero Website

Brand New Day Q&A: Steve Wacker

Marvel has an excellent interview/Q&A with Steve Wacker, the editor of Amazing Spider-man. Amazing Spider-man launches into Brand New Day January 9th with Amazing Spider-man #546, and things definitely aren't getting better for everyone's favorite beleaguered superhero. On the future of Peter Parker: With "Brand New Day," what are you and the writers involved trying to bring back to the forefront of the Spider-Man mythos that has maybe been missing? Steve Wacker: Because of the personal nature of the story that precedes ours—"One More Day"—the book has really focused on Peter, Mary Jane and Aunt May for the better part of a year, so we're going to take some time to really explore and expand the supporting cast in a way that I don't think has been done for a long while. Having 66 pages every month allows us to spend that time and not feel like we have to jam in Spidey fight scenes constantly He goes on to say that the new arc finds Peter Parker in Queens, having not donned the costume for a few months. He's still a member of the Avengers, and will not be seeing the same old villains for a while, just to mix things up a bit. I like the direction they're taking Spider-man. To me, he's the best character when he's down on his luck and everything goes wrong. The best concept of Spider-man to me is in Spider-man 2, when he's walking down the street, the song "Raindrops Keep Falling" is playing, and he trips. Even when everything's going right, something goes wrong. Brand New Day Q&A: Steve Wacker

Justice League news

Its been relatively quiet on the Justice League casting front the past few weeks, until now. Word out of Triggerstreet is that a villain has been cast for the movie. Who is rumored to be cast? Jay Baruchel. Exactly. Baruchel is most famous for his work in Undeclared and Knocked Up, so yeah, he's a comedic actor. Which tends to make you think that he could be cast as a comedic villain, such as the Joker. I'm guessing that's not the case, because I think Warner Brothers wants you to think Heath Ledger and Ledger alone when you think of the Joker. Lex Luthor? Too young for that. Max Lord? Maybe. The problem is, that since Baruchel is a comedic actor, and we really haven't seen him in any dramas (except for Million Dollar Baby which I haven't seen), we don't know what he's capable of. Of course, this is a rumor at this point, so the whole argument could be void anyway if it comes out that he's not cast. But in light of the recent silence on the casting front, I think we'll take anything we can get. Baruchel cast as Justice League villain?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jason Shawn Alexander: The painting process

Dark Horse has a great little piece/interview with Jason Shawn Alexander, the artist behind the upcoming Abe Sapien: The Drowning. In the interview, Alexander chronicles the process he undertakes to bring oil paintings to life, and the end results is awesome. Check it out for the know-how factor, and just awe at his skill. But, this oil painting has slightly more importance than just being a training in oil painting. Nope. It was created in celebration of the launch of Abe Sapien: The Drowning mini-series. A signed lithograph featuring said oil painting will be available as an incentive to Direct Market Retailers, so you can be sure to see this bad boy in a comic store near you sometime soon. Abe Sapien oil painting process

Preview: Hulk #1

Well, we've all seen what happens to the Hulk after the World War he started. But what's next? Jeph Loeb is all set to answer that with the release of Hulk #1 in January. In this reboot, Loeb (along with Ed McGuinness) detail the next chapter in the Green Goliath's future. The biggest change? Now he's red. In this first issue, one of the Hulk's oldest cast members is killed, and originally the Hulk is the suspect (he's just all sorts of misunderstood isn't he). So its up to Iron Man, She-Hulk and Leonard Samson to get to the bottom of the case and figure out whodunnit. Dexter Vines provides inks, Jason Keith provides coloring and Comicraft does the lettering. Hulk #1 hits stores January 4, 2008 for $2.99. Preview: Hulk #1

LEGO Batman images

Three images have been released for the upcoming LEGO Batman game, and they look awesome. I can't wait for this game to come out.

Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born Chapter 1 online

I've never been the hugest of Stephen King fans, but I know there's a good contingent of them out there. Don't get me wrong, I think he's a great author, just never really my type. Because he's such a great author, it shouldn't surprise you that Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born is getting heaps of accolade thrust upon it, from USA Today to the Boston Phoenix, and its not even written by King (but it is based on one of his characters). In any case, if you want to see what all the fuss is about, Marvel is offering the first chapter of the work online for FREE. F. R. E. E. So you have nothing to lose in heading on over to the site, and check out the work by Peter David and Robert Furth, with art by Jae Lee and Richard Isanove. Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born Chapter 1

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Arrivals: December 12, 2007

The pick of the week this week comes to us from Archaia Studios Press, and its called The Engineer (1 of 4). This mini-series tells the story of a sentient entity eating the fabric of space and time, and only The Engineer can stop him. He's armed with a pipe organ that allows pan-dimensional travel, and a quest to find the lost components of The Konstrukt, an archaic mechanism that lets the owner manipulate reality itself. It sounds just crazy enough that it might actually work. Enjoy! New Arrivals: December 12, 2007

Marvel to get more involved in game development?

Marvel games have been kind of inconsistent in terms of quality. Everyone remembers the classic X-Men Arcade Game, and Marvel vs. Capcom 2, but other games have been banished from gamers memories, such as X-Men for NES. This could be for many reasons, but from here on out, one of those reasons won't be because Marvel has limited involvement in the process. Develop reports that Marvel is exploring ways it can get closer to game developers when it comes to Marvel games. Currently, Marvel shares many of its licenses with other companies, such as Activision, EA and Sega, but that's not good enough anymore for Marvel. This is all kind of hearsay and conjecture at this point, but it does have some precedent. Marvel recently opened up Marvel Studios to get more involved with the film adaptations of some of its properties, just to keep that quality control check going. And as comics are getting bigger and bigger, you know that Marvel wants to be sure that movies bearing their characters are done right. Marvel to get more involved in game development?

Preview: Supergirl #25

Supergirl has hit the quarter-century mark in its latest incarnation, and things aren't getting any easier for the platinum blond hero in a skirt. But at least in this issue, she's getting help from the Man of Steel himself, Superman. Supergirl #25 pits Supergirl and Superman against Reactron, and aptly named nuclear menace. And apparently an old dog can learn new tricks, as Supergirl teaches Superman an important lesson about life in general I'm guessing. Written by Kelley Puckett, and with art by Drew Johnson and Ray Snyder, Supergirl #25 hits stores January 2 for $2.99. Preview: Supergirl #25

Iron Man video game trailer

You knew it was coming sooner or later, the inevitable Iron Man video game tie-in. So, without further ado, here is the trailer for said tie-in game, made by Sega. It actually doesn't look half bad, although its really hard to pull off a good flying mechanic in a video game, so we'll see if it works.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Witchblade to air on IFC

IFC has long been known as that indie channel that shows unique movies that you would never see anywhere else. Which is a good thing, because there are tons of great movies out there that go completely unnoticed until the Oscars, when one of them is nominated for best picture and it becomes cool to like an indie film, but I digress. Anyways, IFC is looking to expand their anime repertoire, and is looking to Witchblade to do just that. According to Broadcasting & Cable, IFC is acquiring three shows from FUNimationEntertainment, including Witchblade, Speed Grapher and Hell Girl, all of which will see staggered premieres in 2008. “We consider ourselves the voice of independent culture and we've taken that on as our mission,” says IFC General Manager Evan Shapiro. “People who come to IFC want different, new things and new cultures, and anime represents the epitome of that kind of world culture.” Pretty much everyone knows what Witchblade is. Speed Grapher is about a tabloid photographer in a future Tokyo, documenting the rich and wicked. Hell Girl is about a girl who surfs the web after midnight, looking for people wanting to send their enemies to hell (okay). The shows will be promoted heavily online, and will be set up so you can watch them in an on-demand format. Witchblade debuts January 4, 2008 at 11:30 PM. IFC picks up FUNimation properties IFC Schedule (January)